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Thanks for Giving

Someone let Sandra Lee loose and she decorated Buffalo all in white. And now Albany, too.

That would be a joke, a silly joke about the governor’s famous girlfriend who favors albus, aspro, blanco, lavahn, weiss, white in all things, including pumpkins. 575 more words

Andrew Cuomo

Gov. Cuomo gets fact-checked by meteorologists after criticism of the NWS's Buffalo snow forecast

It seems that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has found the real culprit behind the devastating snowstorms that hit the Buffalo area last week — the National Weather Servise. 572 more words


Cuomo or Christie: Whose Ebola Policy Worries You?

By Cherno Baba Jallow

At their October 24 joint news conference, both New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his New Jersey counterpart Chris Christie sounded ominous about the potential risks of a self-quarantine Ebola policy. 836 more words


Activists Fighting to Keep Hopes for Reform Alive in NY

Gotham Gazette: “In the days following the election good government advocates began assessing their priorities for the next two years and some of them are following Cuomo’s take on the impact of dark money in a post-Citizens United world, looking at the Republican Senate majority, and deciding that the issue of campaign finance reform is essentially a lost cause for the next two years. 21 more words

All Things Possible

A new reader who happens to be an established figure in NYC sent along her observations of Andrew Cuomo’s new book, “All Things Possible.” We really enjoyed what she had to say. 602 more words

Andrew Cuomo

Djelloul Marbrook: The biggest tax swindle of them all

New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo has opened Pandora’s Box, and we would all be better off to finger the evils pouring out—if the press and the politicians had the courage and integrity to lay them out before us. 2,690 more words

Opinion Leaders

Letter To Status Quo Politicians: It Is Just Beginning

NY GOP Did Not Support Rob Astorino & Chris Moss;                  Did GOP Collude with Cuomo to Defeat its Own Candidates?

NY GOP Now Appeals for Grassroots Support;                            Another Reason for Change in Albany Status Quo… 702 more words

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