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Keep it simple...

We are not going to win this battle against the corporate reformers backing Common Core unless we become unified under a valid banner.

It’s simple.. Common Core Standards and high stakes testing have no pedagogical validity because there are no empirical studies that verifies they actual are capable of results the so called reformers claim. 535 more words

South Salem's Resident Mental Health Rights trampled by Mental Health System ( The Westchester Guardian)

You can read my story on page 9 of The Westchester Guardian by clicking here   http://bit.ly/1lw2Udh

I was at the gym when I recieved the email from Rich Monetti of The Westchester Guardian that my story was on page 9. 499 more words

Mental Health Advocacy

Save the Date! Cuomo Demonstration on 4/28!

On Monday, April 28th we will be picketing an event at Villa Lombardi’s in Holbrook that is meant to honor Governor Cuomo.  This is an opportunity for you to share with the governor how you feel about his education policies.   121 more words


Races to Watch - 2014 Midterms

Races to Watch – 2014 Midterms

Thesis: This should really be a no-brainer. With Cuomo’s bankroll increasing everyday, Astorino and the other guy, what’s his name..Cooper?? 328 more words


SILive: “The Empire State has joined the National Popular Vote compact with legislation signed Tuesday by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. States that have signed on to the interstate agreement will award electoral votes for president to the candidate who receives the majority of the national popular vote. 133 more words


Editorial on climate change falls short, only warming up old arguments

Today’s editorial in the Democrat and Chronicle asserts why Gov. Andrew Cuomo should become a high-profile champion of environmental issues and “lead on climate change.” While it effectively and appropriately captures a sense of urgency, the Editorial Board fails to reach a broader audience due to its heavy dependence on old arguments, which ultimately weigh down the message. 469 more words

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The Buffalo Billion Momentum

by Tom Kucharski, president and CEO

It’s been two years since New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the allocation of a billion-dollar investment – the “Buffalo Billion” – during his January 2012 “State of the State” address. 296 more words

Business Attraction

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What came first, $1 billion in state-based backing or the brains behind a competitive strategy? That's the question that comes to mind with a recent blog post by Tom Kucharski, president and CEO, Buffalo Niagara Enterprise, "The Buffalo Billion Momentum." Kucharski asserts the billion-dollar investment from Albany is both a validation of its existing strategy and a single component of the region's multifaceted inventory of assets. In my hometown of Rochester, politicians and economic development officials alike bemoan what they perceive as unfair share of monies from Albany to New York's municipalities; Buffalo is a regular target of such comparisons. Over the past several years, Rochester has placed significant bets on the rehabilitation and renovation of Eastman Business Park to serve as an engine of growth and attraction for businesses, jobs and investors. This massive single property, coupled with intensive workforce alignment programs and industry-specific targeting, comprised Rochester's future-facing strategy. It could be argued that Rochester overemphasized efforts on a single asset whereas Buffalo developed a comprehensive and integrated regional strategy. As I reviewed Kucharski's Buffalo-based proof points, however, I couldn't help but ask, "What does Buffalo have that Rochester doesn't?" Workforce development programs? Check. Entrepreneurial opportunities? Check. Public-private partnerships? Check. Central proximity to major markets? Check. Outstanding entertainment, arts and culture, colleges and universities? Check. $1 billion? Nope. These conditions make it difficult not to take seriously Rochester's concerns over unfair allocations of state-based dollars. Regardless, fiscal, social and economic pressures make it very difficult to define what makes for a successful regional strategy; past benchmarks rarely pass muster when looking ahead to new realities. Lastly, while Kucharski champions strategy, his post ultimately ends up selling prospective businesses on the millions of the dollars made possible by Albany.