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Nike World Cup Commercial I worked on as a Camera Trainee

Nike commercial for the launch of the new world cup Football kits. Starring Ronaldo & Rooney.


PSRL-VSR Lada Granta Cup 2014 | Salzburgring | Balazs Toldi OnBoard

PSRL-VSR Lada Granta Cup 2014 | Salzburgring | R2 | Balazs Toldi OnBoard

PSRL-VSR Lada Granta Cup 2014 | Salzburgring | R1 | Balazs Toldi OnBoard


a cup of memory

I’ve been stirring my coffee for a minute now, I guess. Every time I get here at our office pantry and make one cup of this caffeinated drink, I always get lost. 390 more words


Serviettes, tampons, coupe?

Pour bien des filles, les règles riment avec serviettes hygiéniques et ce n’est pas toujours une histoire d’amour. Quelques fois, c’est que les parents n’ont pas osé présenter d’autres alternatives. 954 more words

Ah La Vie!

CUP: Behold .... l'brazuca!!!

I’ll be honest – normally, this is where I do new product stuff, but in terms of movies and music out today, there’s not much worth recommending and I’ve been traveling nonstop since Sunday morning before landing in the glorious metropolis of Dillon, Texas a couple hours ago – in other words, I’m tired.


A Chipped Cup

Usefulness is not impaired by imperfection; you can drink from a chipped cup.” Greta K. Nagel.
Such a simple statement but so much meaning. How many of us have strived for perfection, only to be disappointed in ourselves? 103 more words