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I googled the word
and the first image that popped up was
psyche revived by cupid’s kiss.
— Fuck that, cupid is a snot-nosed brat… 176 more words


Cupid and Psyche fresco

Here’s the photo of my fresco as promised.

It’s not quite as good as the original from Pompeii, BUT I think Psyche’s wings look more like wings in mine and they match the wings that my child Psyche will be wearing on the night. 178 more words

Cupid and Psyche - the storybook

The story of Cupid and Psyche – the god who embodies passionate love and a human girl – is my favourite “love across the divides” story and underlies many other stories of that type, especially Beauty and the Beast. 141 more words

‘maybe it was Julie!’

doing a search on your name can be interesting
it seems I’m an artist in England
a photographer, a writer, and astronaut in the states… 71 more words


Poem of the Day: from "The Tale of Cupid and Psyche" (Metamorphoses) by Apuleius

Then Psyche, though lacking strength and courage, was empowered by cruel fate, and unveiling the lamp, seized the razor, acting a man’s part in her boldness. 439 more words

Good To Read / Poem Of The Day

The Face of Five

Happy (belated) blogiversary to me! September 1st of 2011 saw the very first Ever On Word blog post, and just look at what all’s happened since then: More than 4.5 hundred posts in the archives, blog hops and blog tours, hosting guests and being hosted, pics, gifs, Will Scarlet holding my Saturdays hostage… and, of course, intermittent hurrahs to do with whatever professional publication things are hitting the market. 510 more words


Mythologies and Mundanes

Like Icarus , I am irrevocably drawn to you
An ineffable source poised amidst the blue
Your radiance chased away my shadowed sorrows
Instilled in me faith , your unlimited tomorrows… 286 more words