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The curse I inflicted on myself.

Silly Cupid, love is for humans!

Why would I publicly declare being love’s number one fan. Everyone knows Cupid doesn’t find love.


Two-Minute Scribbles

After speaking to two friends on the opposite ends of the love table, I was inspired to write these, but to add to the challenge of telling their stories accurately and emotively, I gave myself 2 minutes to write each. 332 more words


Impressionism...Impressive Indeed


Impressionism, a movement organized by a group of artists in Paris in the latter half of the nineteenth century, was a new and cutting edge form of art. 620 more words

Classical Era

Character Birthdays

So, I don’t know if you know or not, but I’m a Gemini…ha ha, yup an emotional twin and a logical twin who never seem to agree on anything — they never like the same job or same boy which is why teaching and writing work well to appease both twins…and as far as both twins not liking the same boy, well there’s a reason I haven’t gotten married yet…but I digress. 167 more words

Writer's Thoughts

In the woods

In woods behind Bryan’s lodge at LFP.


The Open Bar

Open Bar at Lauren Fun Park with lots of foreign and local tasty beer.


« La Trophée d’Amour » (from Mascarades)

« La Trophée d’Amour », the Trophy (or monument) of Love, is dedicated “à la Comedie de Fontaine-bleau” (‘to the Comedy at Fontainebleau’). It’s a light-hearted portrait of Cupid. 803 more words