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A Wonderful Love Story

I haven’t been on here for quite a while. I know. Many things have happened.

In order to get myself hopefully back on track I would like to share this with you. 40 more words

Cupid Misfire, probably?

Shy. Misjudged. Melts with the crowd. Average-looking. Keeps to herself most of the time, but has a few close friends who she can rely on. Externally unremarkable. 849 more words



Cupid drew back his arm

And fired his bow & arrow

Hurling past the marrow

Piercing into my heart

You are my fairy tale

Come true… 44 more words


Arrow S3E3: Corto Maltese

Review by Logan

We don’t just follow comic book characters for the action. The success and failure of some renowned superheroes shows us that. We love Batman because it shows how someone as helpless as an orphan can become a powerful force for good. 1,053 more words

Christian Review

Beautiful Dreamers...Richard Armitage and Cupid

After a moment of uncertainty about Richard Armitage’s role, calm has been restored and I am good to go on another sleep themed foray into the classical tRAdition as shooting on… 853 more words

Hero Pumpkin Duke and cupid For sell

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Sell Castle Clash Account with Pumpkin Cupid and Paladin

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Castle Clash