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Guest Post - The Trouble with Playing Cupid

Remember falling in love for the first time? The highs and lows? The butterflies in your tummy? Then that sweet, sweet relief when you finally got to be with the object of your affection? 117 more words


The Mammas Boy failed the Spelling Bee

I don’t know why it is that guys I knew in college are just now hitting me up… Maybe they want to settle down now? Maybe I am more approachable now? 816 more words


Love Messenger

Bow and arrows find its marks

Cupid aims, locks and fires!

Into their hearts go the darts

– Like an electrified wire –

Lovestruck! They felt it spark!


New Music - Delca Kara 'Cupid'

With the vitamin D being delivered from the extra sunshine on this side of the world comes an opportune time to share something a little more pop oriented. 135 more words

Hear It

Albert Haelwegh (1600-1673)

Cupid and Psyche with figure of Discord, 1630-50


Cupid’s Dance by Peter Sivright

When they met

Sheer happenstance.

A local shop,

A random glance.

A brief exchange,

A look askance.

Will they invent…

127 more words