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Tuesday, September 2, 2014 - A Wonderful Feeling

Tuesday, we have the Nine of Cups. It’s a wonderful day for dreaming, inspiring, aspiring.

The Moon in Sagittarius receives support from Jupiter in Leo. The mood is positively blissful. 39 more words

Daily Tarot

Eight of Cups

My thoughts- Unbalance. Okay, so a confession… I have ocd. So the first thing I notice is that the cups aren’t stacked evenly. It appears to me, as if the sun and the moon are both in the sky as this person is walking around the river/creek. 125 more words


Seven of Cups

My thoughts- So many choices. Every single cup has a different choice, and with it, and different outcome. I do have to say that I don’t think I would choose the image that is either a funky mushroom or a poorly attired ghost. 113 more words


Six of Cups

My thoughts- This card reminds me of the happiness of childhood. Picking flowers and playing with friends. Every cup in this card is filled with what I’m assuming are white lilies. 152 more words


Five of Cups

My thoughts- So many emotions in the cups…. makes sense though, emotions and feelings can ebb and flow like the tides that are controlled by the moon and it pull. 169 more words


Four of Cups

My thoughts- This guy is so unhappy with what he has, and so used to having it, that he doesn’t see the gift being given to him. 174 more words


From the pages of Stupid Software Design Quarterly...

About a month ago, printing stopped working on my machine. I had a clunky workaround, so I didn’t worry too much about it. I had just upgraded the cups package, which manages printing, on the print server, and it seemed to think the printer wasn’t “available”. 753 more words