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Epazote: not just for enchiladas

Epazote is a popular herb used by the Mexican and Central American natives since ancient times, known more often as “wormseed” for its use as a remedy for… 141 more words


A New Platform

For those of you that previously followed my blog http://www.livewithcp.blogspot.com, that webpage will be closing momentarily. I am planning to tweak and keep some of the posts from that blog, and will be transferring them here. 73 more words

Cerebral Palsy

not the mystery of god

I will be pumping gas into a make of car I call off-white when a passerby of guessable hostilities won’t know enough to ask if it’s my dog coming dazed for every one of its legs down the road at me like at a spot it senses I’ve disappeared near and I’ll have to agree with my mind it’s the damn dog for sure and it’s not far from where my boys are huddled in a borrowed blanket smelling smoke and I gather it won’t be long before the dog is nothing more than its best instinct so I let the lever and reach through the space where a passenger should be blowfishing on a window for my last gallon of milk to pour on the car like a rehabilitated pyro to give that dog something to see and something to lick.


“The proper tools for the proper job.”  – Source Unknown

After a relatively quite spell for my vision work as a spirit reporter for the unseen and the amazing help earth is getting from ETs and earth angels alike, an odd beat for this former corporate real estate exec to end up with, my visions have been growing in power and number over the past two weeks.  1,748 more words

The Cure-All Stone

Scripture for Today:  Matthew 12: 15-21.

Once in a while in your journey across the river of your journey with God you may encounter the stone that convinces you that you will definitely make it across and come back safely.  429 more words

Faithful Wounds — Cure For The Common Man

Faithful the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy deceitful.
— Proverbs 27:6
While looking for a very old email, I stumbled upon this “Love Letter” I wrote to some friends I was counseling about five years ago. 78 more words