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Short Poem about Unknown History

Today’s photo is from 1934, of my father-in-law, his brother, mother, her sister and an unknown man.  My father-in-law is the fellow in the front. 81 more words



I believe that I have found something I am both passionate and dispassionate about: people.

I’m fascinated by the personal philosophies of others, what makes them tick, their facial and body expressions. 1,280 more words

"Tales of Taiwan: Civil Movements" at Rutgers University

On Sunday, March 30, Outreach for Taiwan hosted our first workshop at Rutgers University in junction with Rutgers’ Taiwanese American Student Association. Since Eric and I both graduated from Rutgers University and were also active executive members of TASA not so long ago, we completely understood the mentality and mindset of what students in TASA thought and knew about Taiwan’s history and current situation. 242 more words


Don’t become a mere recorder of facts, but try to penetrate the mystery of their origin.

- Ivan Pavlov (1849 – 1936)


Ask more. Talk enough. Ignore less.

Curiosity kills. Curiosity kills ignorance. I could still recollect the looks of my mentor during my internship program. He is somewhat about 5 foot and 5 inches I guess, his long hair that stretches at the middle of his back like the protagonists in a Taiwanese drama entitled Meteor Garden, and wearing a polo shirt that has green and white stripes. 884 more words


The wrong calculation. Trying to fit in when we shouldn't is not just painful but robs others from seeing the real Jesus in us.

Everything we do must have a point. If there is no point, life is emptied of its exhilaration. That rush of anticipation of what might come next is thrown away and life becomes a cheap imitation. 237 more words


A legacy

Did my father leave without leaving a legacy?
I had to dig deep into my past into my memory
Find the lessons that were taught from fear and anger… 56 more words