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Random Review #5: Curious George and the Puppies

Kids books. It blows my mind what people will publish, and it’s even more confusing what becomes popular. In this weekly segment, we will randomly review a book Baby 1.0 picks off her bookshelf. 747 more words


Call Me Curious

You know you’ve had Netflix Kids on a little too much when you start having illicit dreams about the Man With The Yellow Hat... 21 more words

Television And Children

Curious George Curious Daydream

During a photoshoot with a friend, we found this guy relaxing at the bottom of a waterfall. He was slowly spinning around and around stuck in a whirlpool. 43 more words



I am thrilled to report that this year I was able to convince all children to be in coordinated costumes and it actually took very little to no bribing. 395 more words

apes and monkeys

There’s a poster on the Underground just now for the film rental company Fresh, advertising Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and the tagline is “So fresh, the actors are still finding monkey hairs in their macchiatos.” 216 more words

The Man in the Orange Apron

The Man in the Orange Apron


Curious George has The Man in the Yellow Hat to help him navigate life in the big city. I have A Man in the Orange Apron to help me with everything from propane to rakes. 311 more words