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For people who have published poetry books

Do you share most of your poems on your blog? Then publish them in book form? Do you keep the poems you’re going to publish in a book private until they are published in a book?¬†

30 Ways to Hook-up at Work for Very Discreet Gay Men (No. 2)

Strategy No. 2 “Where in the World is Diego the Explorer?”

Am sure you can spot “Dora, the Explorer” anywhere? But can you find “Diego Marquez”, her cousin? 138 more words


Global warming

The increasing global temperatures are changing our climate, extreme weather patterns can be seen all across the world. The climate change is not only an environmental crisis , it is also  a human crisis. 301 more words


Steven Mera - Sci-Fi Talk @ The Curiosity Shop

Nicola Hebson’s Curiosity Shop is holding her first ever talk with well known Sci-Fi fanatic Steven Mera.

Steven has been investigating the UFO phenomena for 31 years and has appeared on more than 100 TV shows. 66 more words

Curious Cat

This is a picture I took of my girlfriends cat, Emma. Quite a magnificent creature, I must add.


Get Off Your Horse...

There’s a bittersweet madness in the moments when you realize that you’ve been given insight into a part of your life that you had been living comfortably and it is as if there is a shout in all that silence that startles your senses and wakes you. 442 more words