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Crossing Lines

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When at work, those around are very friendly and open with their thoughts. Sometimes a bit brutish or crude, I guess females just talk like that when alone… I’m curious by nature and chose a private moment to ask a question that another would have just blurted out in the room. 217 more words


Curious: Scary napkins

There is something fun about reduced price napkins. That might sound a slightly crazy sentence, however the logic behind it is I do like being able to give guests something funky and/or scary to wipe their hands on – which is essential for film and pizza nights! 210 more words


✿ Quote of the Day: July 23rd, 2014

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

New Blog


i love plastic.

do not ask me why.

(it is pleasant to lick, to bite.)

many times i have to drag it off, just like a good kill, 97 more words


Fragile hearts


I suppose it’s about conversation more than time. Time is an arbitrary thing. Many things can fill time, but the quality of time spent is completely dependent on conversation. 103 more words




3am knew all my stories
heard all my sighs
and witnessed my heart shattering

Author: Unknown

I don’t know what it is about 3 and 4am but I always awake at either time and lay in silence divulging my inner most precious feelings without saying a word. 112 more words

Chris Anderson ( Video Response )

I really liked this video a lot. Anything that has to do with space always interest me so it had my attention from the start. for some reason I just love space and everything about it, probably because it is so mysterious and there are always new things to be found. 98 more words

Video Response