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There are so many bad remarks about being curious. “you’re nosy” “you ask a lot of questions” “don’t you know, curiosity killed the cat”.

Well, fuff to that. 67 more words


Music therapy

Music has different values for different people. Music is a way of relaxation for some, while others just enjoy listening to the sounds that melody brings to their minds. 260 more words


iwatch may santas last minute gift this december!

Although Apple is still expected to unveil the iWatch to the world at an October event, the actual release of the wearable may coincide with the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 closer to Christmas. 290 more words


Royalty descends

“Mama, look, I found a stranger. Can I keep her?” Dark Star dragged the laughing Ivy into the kitchen where her mother stood with her father. 263 more words

Curiosity Kills The Cat

I’m so curious.

I’m terribly curious when it comes to people’s impression of me. I want to know what they think of me, whether they like me or whether they think I’m a nuisance. 126 more words


What's all this sunshine nonsense?

I’ve been struggling for more than 2 weeks now to get my first post out. This describes me very well because I am that person that wants everything to be perfect and there is no middle way for me – if it’s not perfect (or at least the way I want it) I’d rather not have it at all. 437 more words


curious words

woke up

and a message

had a message

and how does one

feel and how one intends

and makes light and shines

beyond the evening… 50 more words