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Advice from Ayn Rand

It is not advisable, James, to venture unsolicited opinions. You should spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener.

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JEAN SHEPHERD and Barnacles--Part 1 of 2 Parts


Are we ready now for some deeper “foibles” stuff?  Some of that gossipy and psychologically-related personal material I’d promised myself. In part I can blame Shepherd himself because of the intriguing enigma with which he surrounded himself and the reality that his chummy persona sometimes slipped into when he was on the air.  735 more words

Comments About Shep

Someone threw me a baby shower and it wasn't a complete nightmare

“I f*cking hate this shit” is something I have been widely known to say with regard to the following:


Cricket's Lost Teeth

Recently, out of nowhere, one of Cricket’s front teeth started to stick out. When she was really tired one night, she let me touch the tooth, and it moved. 645 more words


Just cause I question it (doesn't mean I am against it)

Humans are political by nature and like being involved in other peoples lives. People like discussing issues with one another and the internet has done an amazing job connecting people with one another. 396 more words

Parenthood And Responsibility


I’ve been thinking a lot about transitions recently. At work, a number of people are leaving — moving back home, going back to school, finding new jobs. 391 more words