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I Wouldn't Change a Thing...

When I look back at my varied and checkered life and career, I find that, despite all my complaints, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Well… 435 more words


CURMUDGEON CORNER – First Installment

The motorcyclists who go by my house have their mufflers detached so they make a lot of noise. Why don’t they get ticketed? I get stopped when my tail light goes out. 266 more words

Curmudgeon In Training

 For the longest time, following my move to Florida, I thought that there was something about this state which had caused my already short supply of patience and tolerance to dwindle even further. 335 more words

Damnit, I Don’t Like the Looks Of Any Of This!

By Elderly Man

Whoa, whoa, whooooaaaaa! What is going on here? That’s not how we do things ‘round here, pally! No, no, no, no, no … I don’t like the looks of any of this! 461 more words


JEAN SHEPHERD--Travels With Shep


Regarding American humor, Jean Shepherd has always been proud of his lineage going back to Mark Twain.  In 1869 Twain published his book, … 377 more words

Intrinsic Nature Of His Art

Praise as behavior modification

So, I’ve figured out a way to “train” someone without directly training them. There is this lady at work who doesn’t talk to anybody. Generally, she only talks if she has something to complain about. 728 more words


Of Progeny - Better to have loved and lost?

It’s Fathers day and  a celebratory air proliferates. I reflect on my personal circumstances because in 2001 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The diagnosis also revealed a metastatic spread of the disease to lymph glands running up my spine. 899 more words