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Praise as behavior modification

So, I’ve figured out a way to “train” someone without directly training them. There is this lady at work who doesn’t talk to anybody. Generally, she only talks if she has something to complain about. 728 more words


Of Progeny - Better to have loved and lost?

It’s Fathers day and  a celebratory air proliferates. I reflect on my personal circumstances because in 2001 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The diagnosis also revealed a metastatic spread of the disease to lymph glands running up my spine. 899 more words


Curmudgeonly, yes, but also true

“…I tire of our early 21st century world which is dubiously the rudest and crudest society in history, having jubilantly swept most of the etiquette of speech, table, dress, hospitality, regard for fairness, deference to authority, and the relations of male and female and child and elder under the fraying and filthy carpet of politically convenient illusions.” 27 more words


thank God there are some things we can still count on.

Gas is pushing 4 dollars a gallon again because of the unrest in Iraq brought on by the uprising of Islamic terrorists, the same group of barbarians who are busy dragging us back to the middle ages while we stand by and let them do as they please. 54 more words


Of A Curmudgeon

Curmudgeon, (n) (Merriam Webster), a person (especially an old male) who is easily annoyed or angered and who often complains.
As I have gotten older, several close friends, wife and daughter have referred to me as a curmudgeon or grumpy ol’man. 698 more words