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Cantankerous canine catastrophe in Cantabria

That Nice Lady Decorator has the annoying habit of saving bits of her meal for Banjo, the cantankerous (not only in Cantabria) canine, in which she sees redeeming features which, in my opinion, are beyond redemption. 601 more words

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Fire water wins the day

In the possible absence of the internet aboard the Brittany Ferry to Santander (I am not banking on it in a manner of speaking) I have decided to pre prepare you eager my awaited coming for Tuesday the day before. 648 more words

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A ticket to Ryde?

I have always loved trains, so as soon as I found out about the Isle Of Wight steam train experience, it was at the top of my list. 620 more words

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Looking through the Spyglass

Having undoubtedly kept most of the hotel guests, and many more in Cowes, awake through the night with a hacking cough, courtesy of a dangerous bout of man flu, I should perhaps not have been shocked by the snide comments, lack of eye contact and other obvious signs of displeasure exhibited by the other guests of the hotel at breakfast. 599 more words

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Spending kids inheritance, ski for short

You can learn a lot when amongst cricketers and on tour, which sadly, I will no longer be by the time you all get to read this. 607 more words

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The Cypriot cricket tour commences

The newsletter issued by my newly adopted old codgers cricketing group, the Sussex Seniors, now affiliated to Currencies Direct is called, rather tellingly, “From The Graveyard End”. 583 more words

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Dollars, Euros, Rubles etc.

The last time i had to do a currency exchange was in the early 70′s,  when there was no EU or the Euro,  when the Russian Federation was the Soviet Union, and when ATMs/credit cards/debit cards were rare compared today.  461 more words