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Home Alone: Lost in Brussels

After arriving in Brussels on a Sunday and spending the day in a jetlag-induced haze, I realized that I was on my own until Vesalius orientation began on Wednesday. 582 more words

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You contacted your Estate Agent - But do you have your Fx in order ?

Over the month of November, we witnessed GBPEUR move just under 3%. On a €250,000 property purchase in France, this would make the difference of a client paying a staggering £6000 for the same property depending if they traded at the high, compared to the low of the month on the GBP/EUR exchange rate. 151 more words

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The Top 5 Tips For Traveling Solo

Over the past 12 years, I’ve dedicated my life–and my savings account–to my one true passion: travel! And while trekking Down Under, exploring the exotic landscapes of Morocco, and experiencing many other amazing adventures worldwide, I learned very valuable lessons along the way. 712 more words


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Some time ago I was working for a small electronics retail store as an associate while running a small Amazon store at the same time. Being an associate at minimum wage just wasn’t cutting it for me financially so I got a credit card to buy some product that I knew I could sell for a profit on Amazon. 697 more words

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Only one step to go, to get your Fx affaires on the road.

The Pounds run of poor form has continued on from last week. The Pound had dropped a staggering 2.5% in the last 3 trading days following Mark Carney’s (Governor of the bank of England) negative comments about the timing of interest rate hikes in the UK. 160 more words

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Advantages of Forex Trading

A large number of trader are attracting towards Forex trading because of the unlimited benefits offered by this market to its traders. Some of them are given below: 490 more words

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Factors Affecting Exchange Rates in Forex Trading

Beside inflation and interest rates, exchange rate is one of the most important factors that help to know the economic health of a country. In Forex trading exchange of currencies takes place. 529 more words

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