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Chinese yuan penetrates African markets

Source: Africa Renewal, by Tonderayi Mukeredzi

Could it be the next global reserve currency?

In March this year Zimbabwe joined a growing list of countries in Africa and the world using the Chinese currency, yuan, also known as remnibi (RMB), as one of its official currencies after its central bank added the RMB, the Japanese yen, the Australia dollar and the Indian rupee to the existing basket of currencies. 824 more words


The world's wealthiest terrorists

The Islamic State makes about $1 million a day from sales of oil it has seized at war. It has generated $20 million this year alone in ransom. 695 more words

4 Top Individuals of the Inadequate North america Dollar

The Canadian cash exchange is in a keep industry and has now decreased by 18% since getting a stage of C$0.94 against the U.S. cash three years ago. 218 more words

Best Currency Exchange

Canada money getting floor as source forex, IMF information shows

The Canada money isn’t looking great in comparison to its U.S. version of delayed, but international government authorities are purchasing up more loonies to keep in their forex supplies — a elect of assurance in the loonie over the long run. 72 more words


Criticisms of Capitalism - Chapter 2 - Banks, Interest Rates and Inflation

Economic agents within a free market system operate such that each have a certain level of autonomy to act as they please, usually in order to maximise profit. 1,928 more words