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Gilligan’s Bigotry against Islam and Park View School, Priest from Small Heath School Speaks Out

One must question the closeness of Gilligan’s crusade against the formerly high achieving Parkview School and the tying together of possible administrative issues with the extremism agenda. 921 more words

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Illumina - Human Genome Reading

Illumina have reduced the cost of reading a human genome to less than $1000. Just over a decade ago this process would have cost more than $1 billion. 19 more words

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The Sultan's Parting Gift to His Kingdom

Brunei is a custom laundered, crisply folded table linen of a country on an island where people eat with their hands. Every one of the 30-some thousand people in the capital practices flawless good manners, perhaps because they have nothing else to do. 1,818 more words

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And So It Goes...#461

In mainstream Media ,there are,at least anecdotally, what the professionals refer to in the time honoured fashion as , ” slow news days “. The British tabloid Press in particular,though the broadsheets too,succumb to  ” The silly season “. 147 more words

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Prof Dr Syed Akbar Abbas designated as Chairman NPCIH

Prof Dr Syed Akbar Abbas Senior Journalist and Mufasir-e-Qur’an and Sahaif Awla has been nominated and designated as Chairman (NPCIH) with immediate effect after the approval as requested and forwarded by the Executive Committee.
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Often physicians and nurses are called upon during the Sabbath to minister to the sick, and sometimes it is impossible for them to take time for and for attending devotional services. 93 more words

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Lost in Translation......

The rebels/terrorists have refused to agree to the terms and conditions laid down in Geneva because they claim that they did not have a representative around the table. 116 more words

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