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Islam doesn't require perfection- How Islam deals with sin

Evangelical Christians often try to put Islam down by saying there is no atonement for sin in Islam, that in Islam sinners can simply be forgiven by God and sent to heaven by being a good person. 541 more words

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Is Secularism More of a Threat Than Religion?

Connie Basnett explores the recent rise in Secularism in the UK.

An atmosphere of hysteria surrounds the topic of religion, with recent events in Iraq, Gaza and Israel adding fuel to the fire. 604 more words

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There Can Only Be One

Interestingly enough, the most talked-about numbers of Manchester United’s squad list (Shaw and Herrera) were soon discarded in favour of another. Adnan Januzaj, the boy who can do anything, has been handed the legendary no. 746 more words

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We haven't moved very far away from the age of 'fallen women'

By Tammy Sutherns

Reeking of the 18th century Ireland Magdalene Asylums, a Chile Catholic Church has confirmed that a priest stole babies for adoption between the 1970s and 1980s.  821 more words


Strategies for earning loyalty from your customers

This post is by Eric Dupuy, the President of Business Development at Teleperformance EMEA.

I’m very interested in the way companies can encourage greater loyalty from customers. 282 more words

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There are problems all over the Earth.

I don’t have to make a list…you know what is happening that is causing so much concern.

The problems are all rotating around destruction and involve peoples of all cultures and religions. 234 more words

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The Nigerian Government Is A Greater Threat To Its People Than Boko Haram By Udoka Okafor

O ur car gallops through the bumpy road, as night fast
approaches. The glimmer of the sun is fading fast, and the
stars are starting to illuminate our way. 968 more words

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