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Secretary Bird on the EDGE by Alison Nicholls

100 Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) birds were recently listed in a paper in Current Biology. The lead author, Prof Walter Jetz, states that “by identifying these top 100 species, we can now focus our efforts on targeted conservation action and better monitoring to help ensure that they are still here for future generations to come”. 229 more words

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Female insect uses spiky penis to extract nourishment from male in marathon-long mating sessions

In desolate caves throughout Brazil live insects that copulate for days, the female’s penetrating erectile organ sticking fast in a reluctant male’s genital chamber until he offers a gift of nutritious semen. 650 more words


Bug Encourages Prey to Bite, then Assassinates it

Many predators use camouflage or lures to surprise and attract their prey, giving them an advantage and the chance to strike first. However, Australian researchers recently found an assassin bug that actually invites ants to bite its leg, and only then will it kill the ant. 226 more words

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Dogs' brains respond to human voices

Yet more research on how dogs’ brains work.  This time from a research team at E​ötvös Loránd University in Hungary and published in the journal Current Biology. 533 more words


'Seeing' bodies with sound (no sight required) sensory substitution



People born unable to see are readily capable of learning to perceive the shape of the human body through soundscapes that translate images into sound, according to researchers who report their findings in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on March 6. 400 more words

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