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Seals flock to offshore wind farms to feed

“As far as we know this is the first study that’s shown marine mammals feeding at wind farms,” explained Deborah Russell.

EDINBURGH, Scotland, July 21 (UPI) –Like it does around so many other manmade structures, (even floating heaps of trash), marine life thrives on and about the structures that comprise offshore wind farms.  386 more words


Marine mammals trace anthropogenic structures at sea

Marine mammals trace anthropogenic structures at sea
Source: Current Biology

On land, species from all trophic levels have adapted to fill vacant niches in environments heavily modified by humans (e.g.

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Researchers discover reactivity of the cerebral cortex, is greatest during the full moon

Contradictory findings on how the full moon affect our sleep

News: Jul 08, 2014

According to folklore, the full moon affects human sleep. International researchers are trying to determine whether there is any truth to the belief. 643 more words

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Eavesdropping Bees Encouraged by "Whispers," Deterred by "Shouts"

If you’re a bee and you’ve spotted a new and particularly lucrative source of nectar and pollen, what’s the best way to communicate the location of this food to your nestmates without revealing it to competitors? 693 more words

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Chimpanzees have language

I’ve read in several places that language is the last uniquely human characteristic.  Well, it turns out chimps communicate with a language of gestures: Researchers Translate the Meaning of Over 60 Gestures Used by Chimps… 320 more words


Chimp communication mostly about football, celebrities and shopping

Scientists say they have managed to translate chimp communication, after cracking the gestural codes the apes use, but with hugely disappointing results.

Research published in Current Biology reveals that most chimp conversation is limited to belligerent arguments about sports, or extensive discussion over what sort of leaves and twigs make the most slimming summer attire. 276 more words


Ground Control To Major Tom

It is a curious thing but I have managed to go through life without giving much thought to cephalopods. Lightly grilled on a bed of salad and seasoned to taste is, I find, the best way to consume an octopus. 424 more words