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The Presence and the Press: Once Again Science Journalists Tell Us Ghosts Explained Away!

OK, I blog very rarely nowadays, but I thought I had best respond to all the press excitement caused by an article from Current Biology… 1,571 more words


It seems Ancient Easter Islanders weren't lonely after all…

Now, according to The Independent, evidence recently published in the journal Current Biology seems to suggest that South Americans did reach the tiny Pacific Island… 212 more words

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Ancient Easter Islanders Mingled with South Americans

Ancient Easter Islanders Mingled with South Americans

Easter Island is perhaps best known for its mysterious, monolithic stone statues that have been the subject of countless investigations, but the ancient… 72 more words

Spider vision paper published

Our paper, Visual Perception in the Brain of Jumping Spiders, has been published in Current Biology  [get the PDF]

Our research was also featured in the front page of Cornell. 9 more words

Jumping Spiders