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American Update: Work for Victory; Obama Ego; Teaching Children

American Update

When the wicked rule, the people mourn. Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil.

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Here is an old interview featuring the arrested woman talking about George Osborne and his alleged activities.  David Cameron is well worth a closer look at too. 37 more words


House Authorizes Boehner to Sue Obama for Taking Actions Boehner Plans to Fund

If Boehner moves forward to file suit against the president for usurping Congress’s legislative authority, it will then be up to federal judges to decide whether to stop the president from exercising authority Congress says he does not have—or give their judicial stamp of approval to what the House declares a usurpation by the president.

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Democratic Rep Who Co-Sponsored Bush Impeachment Bill: We Didn’t Try To Impeach Bush

“I ask my colleagues to oppose this resolution for it is in fact a veiled attempt at impeachment and it undermines the law that allows a president to do his job.

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