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Should you believe Heaven Is For Real?

With Heaven Is For Real now in theaters, it’s worth asking: Should I go see this movie? Should I believe what the movie (and book) teaches about heaven? 73 more words


Man Takes High Dive with Detachable Penis in Hand

Rapper Andre Johnson severs penis,

jumps off building, but survives

I can not make this stuff up, folks. Uh, that’s some nutty stuff… choppin’ off your penis than jumping off a building. 357 more words


The Exploitation of Black College Athletes

To be Black in America means (among other things) to exist in a constant state of detachment and illusion. For no one wants to repeatedly be reminded of their “otherness,” oppression, or exclusion. 696 more words


RE - StormCloudGathering - Bundy Ranch - What You're Not Being Told

US vs Cliven Bundy (1998): http://on.doi.gov/1jAJu2M
Gov. Sandoval (NV -R) travels to China/ENN: http://prn.to/Qbldq2
Cache Link that BLM took down: http://archive.today/nvlzr
BLM public interest statement 03/14/14: … 72 more words


Landon Donovan is a Wimp

Guess what “supposed” world class athlete said this in an ESPN article by Jeff Carlisle.

“I think Jurgen’s motto — and I think to his 

188 more words

On Cliven Bundy

If you’ve seen the news lately I’m sure you’ve seen something about the conflict between the U.S. Government and a rancher in Nevada named Cliven Bundy. 647 more words


Heaven Is For Real: Not Giving Up The Lion (Movie Review)

“If heaven is for real, we’d all lead different lives.”–Todd Burpo

Heaven is For Real explores the experience of Pastor Todd Burpo (Greg Kinnear) and his family, as his son Colton (Connor Corum) has a vision while he’s undergoing an emergency appendectomy. 1,031 more words

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