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Waste segregation: Sorting the good critics from the bad

A beginner’s guide to the personalities and groups opposing DAP

by Andrew Lim

The noise on the DAP issue has reached deafening levels, and it is time to classify the sectors that are doing the screeching. 810 more words


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I've been meaning to write about the DAP and the various screaming heads we find currently filling media. Here's JoeAm via an article by Andrew Lim giving what I think is a fair list of people/parties and their agendas.  It always pays to do the research before making decisions.

Kerry Not Wanted In Middle East

As tensions continue to escalate in the Middle East, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is heading back to the region to continue pursuing a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas — but he may not be welcome this time around.

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IRS Might Have Lerner's 'Missing' Emails Saved

As America’s attention is diverted to foreign affairs and plane crashes, the tale of IRS boss Lois Lerner’s purportedly “missing” emails is still evolving. Now, new testimony seems to show that these “missing” emails may be backed up, a development that contradicts what the IRS said only a month ago.

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Great article hits the nail on the head about the VBC and the “British” MSM in general.

Here is the link, read it for yourself. 89 more words


Stuck on a Langoliers-type flight: Tips for how to get through bad flights

Stuck on a Langoliers-type flight: Tips for how to get through bad flights

Happy Travel Tuesday!

In the past three weeks I have had, what some may refer to as, bad flights. 1,056 more words

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Just wondering

So let’s see:

Boku Haram remains on the rampage. Who are they again? Where do they do their raping and pillaging? Some African country?

Anti-Israel protests are flaring up all over the place, from Chicago to Paris, teetering on the edge of getting out of control? 277 more words



An unusual story has appeared in the MSM. No doubt it is intended to promote Joe Biden as the next Presidential candidate, however it reveals a lot about him, Putin and other “world leaders.” 229 more words