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Cameron Todd Willingham

Also, about the debate:

When asked what steps he or she would take to ensure an innocent person was not executed in Texas, both candidates were quick to clarify how much they support the death penalty and then offered vague “plans” regarding its implementation: 90 more words


Everybody's Got a Plan until They Get Hit (with the Bill)

So, naturally, I watched (most) of the Davis/Abbott debate tonight. It was awkward, but any debate short of a presidential debate always is.

One point particularly bothered me. 380 more words


This Guy Just Made The President Evacuate The White House Last Night...Seriously?

Cell Phone Footage:

“Part of the White House has been evacuated after someone jumped the fence at the executive mansion.”

“A Secret Service agent at the scene says that much of the West Wing of the White House was evacuated during the incident Friday evening.” 148 more words

How NPR's Science Friday Goofed

On NPR‘s Science Friday program (“your trusted source for news and entertaining stories about science”) yesterday, Ira Flatow, the show’s host, aired a segment entitled “ 713 more words


Are the Biblical Medes Today’s Kurds?

Okay, Bible students, let’s attempt to answer a question that seems to be asked more and more often every day:  Are the Biblical Medes today’s Kurds? 490 more words

Current Events

Sandra is no Fluke

I hate to give any mention to a certain hothead idiot asinine sexist piece of crap radio “personality” so I wont name him. HE does not  need the attention. 462 more words

Current Events

Teenagers and texting: A guide for parents

As depicted in the image above, parents know very little when it comes to their children and texting. In order to help better understand your children, please refer to the following information about texting: 315 more words