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Bill and I had just returned from the drug store with a refill for one of Mom’s prescriptions. He remained in the garage to load a case of water into the refrigerator and I came into the house and went to the kitchen to consolidate Mom’s old pills with the new ones. 137 more words


NHS staff to stage new four-hour strike over pay

NHS workers, including nurses and midwives, are to stage a new four-hour strike in England on 24 November as part of an ongoing pay dispute. Members of 11 unions will walk out over the government’s decision not to accept a recommended 1% pay rise.   76 more words

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Suggested Reading: State of the Art World pt.2

After Eric Fischl recently lamented about the contemporary art world’s fascination of “expensive toys” over art with substance, another celebrated figurative painter has joined in on the critique. 382 more words

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Heritage YouTube Video: Real American Update: Tax Abuse vs. Liberty

Michele Bachmann Explains Why the Tea Party Is Important

by Tyler McArthur

The modern Tea Party stands for three very basic things. Number one, we are taxed enough already.

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Dirimens Copulatio

Dirimens Copulatio (di’-ri-mens ko-pu-la’-ti-o): A figure by which one balances one statement with a contrary, qualifying statement (sometimes conveyed by “not only … but also” clauses). 364 more words

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Former Guantanamo detainees suspected of joining ISIS, other groups in Syria

The sheeple voted for that ass, so what do you expect?  As many as 20 to 30 former Guantanamo Bay detainees released within the last two to three years are suspected by intelligence and Defense officials of having joined forces with the Islamic State and other militant groups inside Syria, Fox News has learned. 292 more words


Former Marine banned from daughter’s school after dispute over Islam lesson

Damn, the brainwashing by progressives/liberals is becoming a PITA.  Imagine banning someone for objecting to propaganda being taught to their child.  A former Marine who served in Iraq says he’s been banned from his daughter’s Maryland high school after a heated argument over a lesson on Islam. 266 more words