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Yay for UK, Boo to Westminster

“English Votes on English Matters.”


It’s taken me a while to work out my visceral response to this – a vehement “NO” despite my Englishness – but I think I have it. 246 more words

ARRRR, Mateys - it be "Talk Like a Pirate Day"!

Yesterday, Buder, Barr and Central all celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day (one day early) with parties, crafts and activities.  Batten down the hatches and take a look at these fearsome buccaneers: 37 more words

Early Elementary

Going cold grouse

‘YAY! We remain a United kingdom!’ brits screech up and down the land, but the elation cannot fill the growing chasm in my heart.

The omnipresence of bagpipes in the background of news reports is fading, the bags under David Cameron’s eyes are receding at a rate of knots, kilts once more are tucked back into the fairy stories from whence they came, if this is what we hoped for how can it feel so cruel? 268 more words


i'll tell you

You guys! You know who’s a fuckwit? I’ll tell you. Speaker of the House John Boehner, that’s who’s a fuckwit. How big a fuckwit is he? 392 more words

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A More United Kingdom?

I am delighted that Scotland has decided to stay in the Union. It has been an admirable campaign led by Alex Salmond; his efforts to obtain 1.2 million YES votes, against the late cross-party campaign from Westminster, is no mean feat. 758 more words


U.S. Senate Democrats propose exit tax for inverting companies

All these Democrats know is tax and spend. Two Senate Democrats want to force U.S. companies to pay an exit tax on any profits held overseas if the companies decide to reincorporate abroad to cut their tax bills, the latest in a slew of proposals to stem such “inversion” deals. 334 more words


Waiting For The Next President

Saleh El Machnouk is a Mason Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and a rising star in Lebanese politics. A former teacher, activist, and political commentator, Machnouk was one of the earliest supporters of the Syrian opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s regime.  1,073 more words

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