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A Lesson on Cultural Appropriation, Just in Time for Halloween

AARON SU/technology coordinator

Although I feel that the end of 2013 was truly the climax of the movement toward a greater degree of cultural respect and awareness throughout our nation and what I’m about to write may just seem like “old news,” the amount of peers, faculty, and citizens in general who still gaze in bewilderment upon hearing a term like “cultural appropriation”¬†frankly frightens me. 313 more words

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The Teaser For "Avengers: Age of Ultron" Debuts

Yes, the moment has arrived. The first little bits of footage, knowledge, and fandom approved squeals have come to us all in the form a 2 minute and 17 second edited mash up. 353 more words


Upcoming Baseball Free Agents

Re-signings, new signings, and retirements are abound in baseball. Right now the baseball realm is focused on the World Series however after that concludes we will shift over to the free agents. 399 more words

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Not Real Informative

I was trolling some democrat websites today out of curiosity. I was totally surprised at what I found, or should I say what I did not find, that was some facts. 299 more words


The Politics of Humanitarian Intervention in Syria

Since the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War nearly 4 years ago, nations and people across the world have been calling for support for the protesters. 890 more words

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