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Which is Which

I haven’t had much to say to anyone about recent events in Israel. What’s there to say that we haven’t heard already, a thousand times over? 561 more words


Food Politics » FDA’s food label proposals: comments on Vitamin D

The floor is open for debate. Personally, I think the first two points say it all:

  • “Vitamin” D is not a vitamin; it is a hormone synthesized by the action of sunlight on skin. 
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Current Events

Tragedy continues to unfold in Gaza

The tragedy continues to unfold in Gaza, the Israeli aggression in Gaza is entering its third week and the casualties continue to rise. It has been confirmed now that IDF has hit at least 2… 931 more words

World Politics

Voting Smart Feedback

It’s been great to hear from so many of you this week and to know that Voting Smart has been helpful in your ballot decisions.  We have received  a rash of emails;  703 more words

4 Things We Can Learn About True Love from Maleficent

{By Ellery Sadler}

Long lashes. Perfect, luxurious hair that swirls even without a breeze. Dreamy eyes. Perfect physique. Whether it’s Prince Phillip or Ariel, true love has been a Disney theme since the beginning. 639 more words


The ways of the WordPress Overlords are indeed strange and mystifying... (or): So, tell me a little about yourself...

I keep getting messages from WordPress that I have a new follower… but I swear, some of those people are already following me. Obviously, it is not my place to question the methodology of the exalted humans… and perhaps aliens… who run this fabulous and quirky blogiverse we all inhabit… but I will anyway… because… you know… I have a head full of crack squirrels… 596 more words


Barrenness is ripe. Tis the proper landscape.

Barrenness in ripe.  Tis the proper landscape. 

Pity be the poor, poor devil himself trading favors and joys and spots of candy and ploys for the right to have the poor, poor shrived souls of the poor poor folk who inhabit our general strives and drives to clean up the world and set up caste systems and school systems, and prison systems, and military systems that are sane private, hard nosed life and business models for processing sterile, baroque, self satisfying, hedonistic, smug,  holistic,  confiscatory sneering pits spits of bilious power bolts saved only by the grace of God. 183 more words