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Saying Goodbye to Louis Armstrong Stadium and the Grandstand

Recently, the trend in New York sports is to close down old stadiums, demolish them, and replace them with new ones. In 2008, both the Yankees and Mets left their old homes, with the Yankees moving across the street and the Mets moving to another section of their vast parking lot. 1,739 more words

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Realpolitik for the 21st Century

Time for Moscow and America to sit down behind closed doors and talk reality. The so-called national borders of former Soviet Republics are purely fictional. There never were self-governing nation-states named… 197 more words

Current Events

Someone's reason to..

Just so we are all on the same page.. As you stand/sit, someone out there is mentally doing nasty shit to you right now.. Enjoy it!


Happy Wattle Day

There are few experiences that make me happier than finding a new thing. At least new to me. Today my joy is full!

And what did I find? 153 more words

Baby Boomers

Fast-Food Workers Seeking Raises Plan Strike in 150 Cities

Can you imagine the mentality of these uneducated fools who believe they deserve more money for flipping burgers or making a pizza than a professional worker earns?   452 more words

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