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Capitalism: Why you are all slaves

‘There’s something wrong with free market Capitalism. We all know it, but it’s difficult to articulate. This video takes a quick look at the concept of wage slavery, in an attempt to inspire you to look more into the subject. 258 more words

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Ferguson and the Media

‘The Listening Post examines racial conflict and social divisions in the US and how those issues are reported. Helping us to understand how the media reported Ferguson are: Mikki Kendall, a writer; Lizz Brown, a columnist for the… 29 more words

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Dr Aafia Siddiqui or 'Lady al Qaeda'

‘CNN’s Jean Casarez reports on the woman, known as “Lady al Qaeda,” who ISIS wanted to exchange for James Foley (22 August 2014)’.

Born in 1972, the Pakistani Aafia Siddiqui went to the United States to study neuroscience. 406 more words

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Islamic State Media Blitz: Social Media Jihad

‘The radical Islamic State group has released a graphic video that, it claims, shows the execution of an American journalist.This is only the latest step in a vast ‘PR-campaign’ the Islamic State has launched. 7 more words

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Jihad in Syria: Journey to the Syrian War | European Jihadi parts one, two, & three

‘Gangster and drug dealer Abderrozak Benarabe, or Big A as he’s known on the streets of Copenhagen, made a deal with God that if his brother was delivered from cancer he would redeem his criminal ways and go to fight jihad in Syria alongside his fellow foreign fighters and child soldiers under 16 (8-9 July 2014).’

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Obama and Torture: Yes, We Can and Oh Yes, We Did!!!

‘President Obama answers questions on CIA Spying and Torture Tactics and says, “We tortured some folks” (1 August 2014)’.

The retired Army Reserve strategic intelligence officer who taught prisoner interrogation and military law for 18 years with the Sixth Army Intelligence School David Irvine, who currently practices law in Salt Lake City, Utah, opines that “CIA Director John Brennan had finally confessed, notwithstanding his previous angry and emphatic denials, that the agency had, in fact, spied on a Senate committee investigating CIA torture. 115 more words

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