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Life Inside the Islamic State

‘What’s it like to live under the rule of the extremist group known as the Islamic State, or ISIS? WSJ looks at the situation in Raqqa, Syria, through the eyes of two activists — and through the lens of ISIS propaganda videos (15 September 2014)’.

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Fresh Istanbul rally voices support for Kurds fighting IS in Kobani

‘People in Istanbul hold yet another rally against Ankara’s stance on the Kurdish fight against ISIL militants in Syria’s Kobani. Among the protesters, was the father of a Turkish man killed in clashes in the border city earlier this month. 89 more words

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Chemical Secrets of the Iraq War

‘The United States went to war in Iraq expecting to destroy an active weapons of mass destruction program. Instead, it found only remnants of chemical arms built in close collaboration with the West. 10 more words

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Obama's Full ISIS Speech, 10 September 2014

On Wednesday, 10 September 2014, President Obama pronounced his policy goals regarding the terrorist organisation formerly known as ISIS or ISIL, yet now calling itself simply the Islamic State or IS. 239 more words

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This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate

Talk by Naomi Klein author of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate given September 28, 2014 at Town Hall Seattle (Washington, U.S.A.).

Klein appears to have taken the following Milton Friedman quote as her starting point to argue that capitalism is really the root of all evil in the world today: “Only a crisis–actual or perceived-produces real change. 38 more words

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Turkey's Border War: The Is and Kobane

‘Turkey has closed its border with Syria as Islamic State militants battle Kurdish forces in the Syrian border town of Kobane. Turkish checkpoints and tanks ensure that no one enters or exits the town, while nearby some of the 180,000 refugees who previously fled into Turkey watch helplessly as the fighting unfolds in front of them. 574 more words

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Turkey's Involvement in Syria's Not-So Civil War

14 October 2014

In the now ‘new opposition newspaper’ Today’s Zaman, one can read that “Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chairman Bülent Tezcan on Sunday [, 12 October 2014] responded to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, who challenged the opposition demanding evidence for the claim that the government aided the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), by showing a prosecutor’s documents concerning weapons loaded in National Intelligence Organization (MİT) trucks that were intercepted by the gendarmerie in Adana in January . 378 more words

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