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5 Biting Cold Haikus

Biting cold comes
Creeping silently in night
Making me shiver.

Cold winds whip around
As I shiver in my coat–
I want to go in. 42 more words

Current Poetry

Will You Walk

Will you walk with me among the clouds;
Hold my hand and not let me fall
Will you guide me along the path;
Picking me up when I miss a step… 45 more words

Current Poetry

Under A Shady Tree

Under a shady tree I rest
looking as the sun begins
to sink below horizon.

Blue skies changes colors
to darker blue; sun becomes
orange, red blending in… 49 more words

Current Poetry

Changing Rain

It comes rolling slowly in across the sky.
Clouds thicken and laden with raindrops
Skies are darker then before
Can barely hear rain patter until outside… 31 more words

Current Poetry

Dancing Notes

Grace my ears with a song
Of a melody sweet and strong
With notes dancing within my head
They might soon put me to bed… 44 more words

Current Poetry

Don't Wake Me

Don’t wake me I am sleeping all snuggled in my bed.
Don’t wake me now for its too cold to jump out of bed.
Don’t wake me for work for my bed is comfortable. 62 more words

Current Poetry

Going Outside

It rains outside, she doesn’t want to go out
To wet and windy to find a spot
Leash on with a purple raincoat, she must go out… 124 more words

Current Poetry