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Dried Up

My rivers have dried up
No more will they flow
Upon the rocks that lie
Dry upon where the river
Once flowed down to met… 15 more words

Current Poetry

So Radiant Light Shines So Bright

So radiant light shines so bright.
From up above it gives a warm glow;
Moon shines on throughout the night.

Golden, white moon gives out light… 97 more words

Current Poetry

October Is Here

Season of October is here
With eerie branches losing leaves
Waving back and forth at night.
Colored leaves rustle loudly
Making one stop and look around warily. 42 more words

Current Poetry

Rocket Dog [Revision]

Racing around the furniture she goes.
When she will stop nobody knows.
Moving fast from one end to another,
Too much energy for her father. 64 more words

Current Poetry

Dream Beneath The Stars

I lay my head down beneath the stars
And dreams of dreams both big and small
With shining stars that twinkle bright
The glowing moon gives out a warm light… 108 more words

Current Poetry

5 Autumn Haikus

Autumn brings cool
Howling Winds whispering through
Trees with color leaves

Reds, Orange, Yellow
Leaves rustle with eerie words
With coming season

Autumn is season… 29 more words

Current Poetry

Autumn Has Come

Autumn has come among us
Shorting ours days; increasing our night
Cool air gently blows in pushing the hot away
Leaves begin to fade; falling to the ground… 54 more words

Current Poetry