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Knowing I Am Warm

I lie in bed wrapped like a pig in a blanket
Snuggle deep within the warmth
All sides air tight to keep me warm
Against a snow storm raging outside… 26 more words

Current Poetry

Random 5 Haikus

Bleak cold winter stirs
From its restless deep slumber
For another storm

Wind howls aloud song
Like a pack of mourning wolves
In dead of winter… 34 more words

Current Poetry

Raining Cats And Dogs

It is raining cats and dogs
Small and large I watch them fall
Not like tiny raindrops dropping water
These are bigger and furrier by far… 47 more words

Current Poetry

Owl Awakening

Night is young I hear around me
Awake to darken night, I peer out of tree
Miles away the sounds come alive
I stretch my wings, out I go… 6 more words

Current Poetry

Let Me Dream

Let me dream tonight of distant cities
Let me dream of adventures big or small
Will I dance I upon the clouds
Will I dance with fairies around the great oak… 43 more words

Current Poetry

In The Cold Night Air

Winter wisp wings flutter
Snowflakes through the air
Swirling, twirling, dancing
In the cold night air.

Falling fast finding ground
Snowflakes abound all around
Swirling, twirling, dancing… 23 more words

Current Poetry

Gave It My Best

I gave it my best, but not good enough
Must aim for perfection, no letting down
Through I try will I ever succeed truly
Will I become more robotic in movements… 55 more words

Current Poetry