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Knowing your students can help you be a more effective teacher

by Julie Dodd

An important part of developing an effective undergraduate course is knowing your students.

Why are students taking your course?
Is this a required course? 526 more words


Journal post: 'powerful knowledge'

21 August

I think that giving students access to ‘powerful’ knowledge is very important in the discipline of journalism. A broad as well as deep understanding of how the world works is an essential part of being a journalist. 148 more words

Curriculum Development

Journal post: what is the purpose of curricular knowledge and what shapes this knowledge in my discipline

8 August

If I am understanding correctly, discipline knowledge refers to the ever-increasing mass of knowledge being created by academics, researchers and media practitioners. Curricula knowledge refers to what has been chosen to be taught in a particular curriculum. 573 more words

Curriculum Development

Journal post: contestation within the discipline

8 August

There seems to be contestation within the journalism department between the specialisation/production parts of the curriculum and the media studies/theory parts of the curriculum. 241 more words

Curriculum Development

Journal post: the axiomatic subjects in my discipline: ideologies, beliefs and values

1 August

I feel I need to distinguish between my specific discipline (video production) and the larger discipline of journalism.

Axiomatic subjects in journalism are practical subjects like writing and editing stories and then media theory, which is looking at the history of media in South Africa, as well as understanding journalism as a social practice. 207 more words

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Journal post: curriculum paradigms

2 August

My discipline (TV specialisation) fits into the paradigm of the performance or systems-based approach, according to Toohey’s definitions.The overarching learning goal is to become a ‘skilled performer’. 198 more words

Curriculum Development

Journal posts

Here I shall be adding the posts I have written so far in my course as a record.

25 July
I have been teaching a 3rd year journalism specialisation course in television production. 172 more words

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