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Education Update #18

Online Learning Communities: Why Students and Teachers Need Them

As our society travels further into the Age of Information, we tend to forget how to teach our children to be lifelong makers and learners. 732 more words



1) Uncover the “Why”

Many times, when teachers are asked why they are teaching a certain lesson they respond with, “Because it’s in the curriculum”. If you are one of these teachers, then you already know the reason why you are having problems making your lessons livelier. 536 more words


Seventh Week PhD: Null Curriculum & Intelligence

If you’ve never heard of the “null curriculum” you are not alone. Perhaps you are a teacher and you did study about it when you were going through college. 369 more words


Getting Organized

Getting Organized, Planning, Time-Saving Tips, Money Saving Tips

The summer is flying by.  August is just about here!  Back to school sales are in full swing.  2,492 more words


Deciding on Homeschool Curriculum

I’ve been asked on what curriculum I will be purchasing through the Build Your Own Bundle Sale.  These questions come from moms who are looking for hands-on curriculum for their PreK and Kindergarten children that will be fun while they are learning the core skills.   354 more words

Creating a Year Plan

In order to prepare for my upcoming assignment in Pelly Crossing, I am beginning to think about creating a year plan. I had the opportunity to plan unit plans and lesson plans for one out of the three school terms for my practicum, but the topics were given to me by my School Advisor as she had had to do her year plan much earlier than my arrival in her class. 327 more words

Lesson Planning