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The Importance of Stackable Certificates

The stackable credential concept really came from more of a demand in higher education that students were able to develop some career-related skills and there was a push that degrees weren’t necessarily giving students the workforce skills that they needed. 24 more words



Image courtesy of Steve Snodgrass

In 2010, the BBC produced a documentary series called The Genius of Design. I was taken with how design has changed over the last century and the influence it has had on so many areas of our lives. 1,626 more words

Day One

Technically, it’s the end of day two, but day one tuckered us out to the point I couldn’t find a coherent thought to write yesterday. After two days of homeschool I’ve already learned so much! 440 more words

Math Doesn't Have to Be Fun

Have you looked at your kid’s math book lately?  Besides being outrageously large and heavy, you’ll find that’s it’s colorful and has photographs on almost every page!   581 more words


Back to school

So, we’ve “taken a break” from planning/recording anything for about a month. We’ve traveled a decent amount, had multiple visits from out-of-town friends and family, had her birthday (which ended up being about three weeks of celebrating!), she had a gymnastics camp and swim lessons, her first piano lessons started in June, you get the idea. 333 more words


We math teachers need to trust each other

I have had a great time working with 5th and 6th graders for two weeks this month. Kids College makes up some of the favorite weeks of my summer. 785 more words


Curriculum: Road Trip USA

I just gotta say, my kids are obsessed with our geography curriculum! How awesome is it that they both want to do a lesson, even when it’s not “school time.” They have both asked to do it in the evenings, after dinner, which is when we would usually just relax and spend time together as a family. 316 more words