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Teaching the Tribe

As some of you know I recently took control of my tribe’s education.  Also known as “the scariest fucking thing I’ve ever done in my entire life”, note that I’ve jumped out of a plane.   797 more words

Characterization, Setting, and Conflict


The American Dream is something that has been inherent in American literature since colonial times. In one sense dreams are what drive many forms of literature. 1,987 more words


Religion and Belief in the Equality Act 2010

You will not have missed the growing media attention surrounding the investigation into claims that Islamic fundamentalists have strategically taken over the governing bodies of schools and academies in Birmingham. 367 more words

Guessing Strategically - DMT Curriculum

In March I went to a training called Discipleship Multiplication Training (DMT) in Lisbon. I wrote a little bit about it after the training was done. 354 more words


9 Sexy Science Resources for Teaching Our Future Super Heroes

Two decades have passed since I last took a science class, but I fondly remember measuring pig intestines, using a circuit board to create parallel and series circuits, and capturing insects that I then identified and pinned onto a board.   429 more words


Limping Across the Finish Line

Well, it’s April.  Which means that our “official” school year is starting to wind down.  Here in Washington state, we start in mid-September and end in late June (weird, I know, but we wouldn’t get to enjoy our awesome summers otherwise since August is the main month of summer here).  1,028 more words

Community Colleges Increasingly Adding Bachelor’s Degrees

In a high-ceilinged classroom, bright sun poking through the blinds and reflecting off the whiteboard, eight students lug heavy textbooks to their desks and prepare for this afternoon’s lesson: proteins.

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