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Stretched flour dough in curry

I don’t know if there’s an officially known name for this stuff, but back in Malaysia it is referred to mainly as Mee hoon kueh (Flour cake/pasta) / Pan Mee (Plank noodle) . 897 more words


Curry noodles @ Xin Quan Fang, Ipoh

Curry noodles is a dish unique to Malaysia, and a favourite among Malaysians from all walks of life. The spicy curry soup gets its flavour from a combination of coconut milk and chilli. 676 more words


Sylvia's Veg*n Food Reviews: Sweet Earth Curry Recipe Seitan

Hey Pati, (and others reading this blog)

So sorry for the hiatus… you know how it is… Family Days approach at the museum and I’m completely useless and non-productive in all other aspects of my life for like a week. 337 more words


The First of Firsts

I’ve been meaning to do a lot of things for a long time, including writing a blog. (I have a fairly forceful personality and feel the need to ensure that everyone in my vicinity hears my opinion on whatever has me riled up until they are either cowed into silence or forced to agree with me. 786 more words

Cooking For Beginners

Bobotie spiced beef burgers

Generally when I make burgers I tend to keep things very simple; just some good quality minced beef, seasoning and perhaps a little chopped onion. But occasionally I fancy a burger that packs a bit more of a flavour punch. 298 more words


India - Part 1

Welcome to India! Unfortunately our dream destination didn’t get off to the best of starts. Despite what we thought was thorough research about scams in Delhi, particularly those that happen at the airport, we walked straight into one. 1,264 more words

Bob Likes Thai Food

I’ve been meaning to try Bob Likes Thai Food for while especially due to the funky name. Yes I’m a sucker for cool names. The restaurant was empty except for us at 1pm on a Friday afternoon and no Bob in sight of course. 409 more words

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