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Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.
-Chinese Proverb

That’s so Jesus.

Turn On, Tune In, Be Still…..
Honing Discernmet. Informing Choice. 21 more words

Quotes & Wisdom

Curses for Believers? Nah . . ..

Did you know that the Old Covenant Law is what brings curses? People who choose to live under the Law (by rejecting Jesus who fulfilled the  Law FOR them or by accepting Jesus but continuing to rely on the Law in a misguided attempt to EARN God’s approval and blessings) are putting THEMSELVES under the curse of the Law. 291 more words


more curses from mother

you know i have never had a good enough equation with my mother.. this is the first time i am admitting it. my relationship with her has had ups and very low lows.. 583 more words


My Reason

by: Rebecca Taylor

From this week’s writing prompt. 

Sometimes I wonder why I’m here. What am I truly doing here, in this world all at once full of mystery and magic and malice? 636 more words

Young Adult Fiction

NA LCS Playoffs Previews and Reviews

Check out my article at lolesports.com previewing the NA LCS playoffs, as well as my article at lolesports.com recapping Day 2 of the NA LCS playoffs (semifinals + 5th place match) and previewing Day 3 of the NA LCS (finals + 3rd place match).

League Of Legends

3) This is Me.

My name is Roselyn Alexandra Blackwell. I’m originally from Isla Paradiso, I grew up there, but I decided to move back to Papa’s hometown of Sunset Valley when I turned into a young adult. 61 more words


I want to
And the people
Of the world,
They ask me,
“What is TRUTH?”
Just as Pilot
Asked my LORD, 168 more words