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The History and Demise of Cursive Writing

Cursive, the Secret Language of Adults 

Cursive Handwriting – A Centuries-Old Art1

“For centuries, cursive handwriting has been an art. To a growing number of young people, it is a mystery. 

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Culture & Identity

Should we be worried?: Avoiding the summer slide by moving beyond the cursive debate

By Melinda J. McBee Orzulak

Concerns about 21st-century writing shifts

Concerns about shifts in writing abound in the recent news. Some parents worry about whether they can keep up with their kids’ texting. 757 more words


How Important Is Handwriting?

“Does handwriting matter?  Not very much according to educators.  The Common Core standards, which we have adopted in most states, call for teaching legible handwriting, but only in kindergarten and first grade.   357 more words


Neural Networks Versus Computer Networks - Research Response Blog

Computers replicate thinking, right? So say artificial intelligence proponents. However, can typing mimic the brain activity that is inherent when we write. The research indicates that it cannot. 466 more words

Three Reasons Cursive Writing Should Never Die

Writing by hand has benefits for creative minds of all ages.

By Daphne Gray-Grant

It takes my 20-year-old son almost a full minute to sign his name. 726 more words

Quilting, not a dying art form?

I know this is silly, but sometimes, I prefer actually writing my posts, by hand, using cursive writing. Sometimes, I miss writing by hand. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, this was one main ways to communicate with others. 471 more words


Cursively Speaking....


The Daily Post recently shared an article called The Lost Art, where it discussed that many people have learned to disconnect from technology’s magnetic pull to reconnect and interact person-to-person. 1,009 more words