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Education takes another Hit

Once upon a time in America, every child knew how to read and write music.  Every child knew who Achilles, Juno, Zeus, and Apollo were.  Every child knew who Tesla (not the rock band), Edison, and Morse were.  1,525 more words

The Daily Rant

Is Cursive Writing On Its Way Out?

I have had a few conversations with some of my colleagues about cursive writing.  When teachers write in cursive, students are saying that they do not understand and are having trouble reading what it is that is being written.   290 more words

The Demise of 21st Century Literacy

We often talk about all the new literacies that the 21st century brings and how we as educators must develop an awareness of the newer modes of communicating… I (Yiola) do agree and yet, we must be recognize there are losses too.


Cursive Writing

Did you know that cursive writing is no longer being taught? The new Common Core State Standards being implemented in classrooms across the country make no mention of cursive. 142 more words

Marilyn's Corner

Let's Just Call It Handwriting


The Tennessee and South Carolina legislatures are now considering bills that would require the teaching of cursive handwriting in their public schools. If this legislation passes, these states will join seven others—Florida, Kansas, Utah, Idaho, Georgia, Massachusetts, and California— where the teaching of cursive is now either required by law or has been adopted by the State Board of Education to supplement the Common Core standards. 843 more words


Longhand writing may be a thing of the past for kids

Thanks to technology and everyone using keyboards to communicate, cursive or longhand writing, is becoming a dying art. Especially when it comes to kids since some provinces they’re not even required to learn cursive at school anymore. 170 more words


The Debate Over Cursive Writing Has Bigger Implications

State lawmakers today will consider a bill that requires public schools to teach students cursive.

The House has already approved it and a Senate Committee is looking at it today; but there’s a much bigger picture to consider here than just handwriting. 38 more words

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