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Back to the beginning

I have to read three different books about writing techniques for my Intro to Creative Writing class and I admit, it’s a lot to process. There are so many elements I just don’t think about anymore and others that are second nature. 408 more words


National Handwriting Day. Keep Teaching Cursive + Send Someone A Letter

It’s National Handwriting Day and I got to thinking again about the controversy around cursive writing. I believe it should continue to be taught and practiced. 451 more words

Sending Letters

Sending letters seems to be a lost art.  I used to send numerous cards and letters, spending my time dreaming up the right words for the sentiment I wanted to express.  120 more words

M.B. Sanok

My Blogging Memories of 2014

My blog as been a wonderful outlet for me to share ideas and projects I have been involved with during my creative time. I really appreciate the feedback I receive from my faithful followers and new readers visiting for the first time. 222 more words

Writing in Your Own Hand

How many of you still handwrite? I don’t just mean a letter to a friend or relative (although handwritten letters are growing increasingly rare) or a reminder to do something or shopping list. 1,982 more words

Nina Munteanu

A Girl in her Pinafore can go anywhere!

Sarah S. Stilwell-Weber was foremost a visual storyteller, her imagery reflecting fragile spontaneity of dreams and fairy tales with undercurrents of real tensions of the Industrial Age so that actions in her compositions jump beyond the boundaries of the page. 265 more words

Women Illustrators