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All About Cervical Curves- Zabdi S.

Vertabend has currently been tackling the biomedical and engineering research components of our second deliverable. During class our team has also started on a interpreted needs list that consists of customer statements supporting a specific need or want and the possible metrics for each solution. 932 more words


Wallpaper symmetry

Many of us made “snowflakes” as a kid, by folding paper in half horizontally and then vertically, then cutting a design through all the sheets.  (Nevermind that snowflakes should have 6-fold symmetry instead of 4-fold.)  Just as folding paper witnesses mirror reflection, rolling paper into a cylinder witnesses translational symmetry, rolling paper into a cone witnesses rotational symmetry, and rolling with a twist (like with Möbius band) witnesses glide reflection symmetry.   172 more words

Algebraic Topology

Cee's Oddball Photo Contest

Today is indeed an odd day.  I shall actually post three photos!

This is one I call curvature. I took this from my cell phone, using a special effect and edited it slightly

Cee's Photo Challenges