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Health Update: Numbness and other stories...

It’s been a while since I have given an update on my symptoms and medical results. Not much had happened over the last few months in terms of medical appointments and, thankfully, new or worsening symptoms. 378 more words



My initial concept was to create a series of fantastical, beautiful images with a gritty street twist. As a photographer I have always been interested in other artists who use their camera to paint their inner vision and the post-production techniques needed to effectively execute this style of photography. 1,260 more words


The Interview

I for this project, I convinced a longtime friend of mine to let me interview her about her bracing experience. For privacy, I used her initial, C. 940 more words


Round World

Standing in a hill or cliff side seeking the location, lighting, moment that will deliver the image that is a confluence of  inner and outer vision became a personal, sublime experience and realisation that I am part of something bigger, continuous, that I am part of the earth and nature. 517 more words


Viewing the Earth's Curve

Redbull’s video of Felix Baumgartner ascending to 120,000 feet to make a freefall jump from a stratospheric balloon. The video demonstrates the height at which the Earth’s curve becomes visible.


Future Project?

This video caught my attention and feel that it could be a further progression of this project. The use of film would allow the display of a 360 degree landscape.


Concave Curvature

Concave curves reduce the foreground information, exaggerating and enhancing cloud formation