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The Music of Curve, Pa.

Music is a big part of a ballpark experience and that is no different in Curve, Pa. After a few weeks, it seems we’ve got most of the walk up/at bat/pitching songs for our guys. 235 more words

"She's so vacant, her soul is taken-- he thinks, 'what's she running from?'--"

It’s chilly out. I’ve got goosebumps on my bare legs.
I crashed my bicycle last night — I’m bruised, swollen, and scraped up.
But, really, it could’ve been so much worse. 128 more words

Gamers Chase the Next Failure.

In any game there are nearly infinite loops to test and check what key is pressed, where the player should be, if the AI is falling, is the Player trying to run into a wall? 879 more words


Your Heavenly Curve - Smile

It’s amazing how you can smile right to my heart, without saying a word you can light up the dark.


The enduring love affair with 'normal distributions' in business

A couple of weeks ago I came across a really interesting post on LinkedIn and I did what I always do in these situations. I read the post a couple of times, and then went looking for… 741 more words


Richard E Grant to star in Water Babies - a new musical at Curve Leicester

Richard E. Grant, one of Britain’s leading actors and star of cult film classic Withnail and I, will play Kraken: Lord of the Oceans in a 3D hologram interactive scene in the world première of the new musical Water Babies. 251 more words


One Man, Two Guvnors' to return to Leicester

Following their last sell-out visit, the National Theatre’s award-winning comedy One Man, Two Guvnors’ returns to Leicester from 6–10 October with a new cast featuring Gavin Spokes (One Man Two Guvnors, London) in the lead role as Francis, Shaun Williamson (EastEnders and Extras) and Emma Barton (EastEnders). 164 more words