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Curves are beautiful

Did you know…

People are more likely to judge spaces as beautiful when they contain furniture with more curves than hard edges.


Vartanian, O. et al. 12 more words

Mindful Findings: Did You Know...

April Health and Fitness Challenge

I regularly set myself health and fitness challenges more so now, as the past couple of months has been extremely detrimental to my gym flow- holidays, family gatherings, Christmas/ new year festivities, comfort eating and I have gained a whole friggin stone :-/… My thunder thighs are just happy and clapping away now. 327 more words

Beautiful Carrots

These carrots are perfectly ripe and are ready to make a beautiful salad out of! Perfect!

Quiz Question

Is the above graphic:

a) The path layout for a contemporary garden, created by the superimposition of three abstract curvilinear closed loops, producing multiple intersections and the repeated bisection of the planting area, representing a triumph of organic landscape design over traditional geometric solutions. 9 more words


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Shiny Wild Rides

Check out these wild rides! There were lots of shiny clean cars down on the Granville Island and I had fun trying to capture these curvilinear reflections…

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Weekly Photo Challenge


There are a few different types of curves that will be talked about. Here are the main ones we should know:

A simple curve is a curve that starts and stops without intersecting itself. 43 more words