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As Aretha Franklin sings in her song, all of us want, need, and expect a little respect. As a lawyer, and as a frequent participant in the legal system, because I regularly appear in courts and at hearings of all types, and I am often in court and government offices doing one thing or another, I too expect a little respect. 793 more words

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Canine Cushing's & Diabetes Treats

My partner’s story…
My pup Cody was diagnosed with Cushing’s and Diabetes in 2010. We went through the trials and tribulations as all pup families do in these situations. 391 more words

Now Healthy, Cushing Expects Different Offseason

Houston (CBS Houston) – After a season where he was often scrutinized for his play on the field, Brian Cushing knows this will be a much different offseason that last year’s.  284 more words


word: stentorian

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Definition: (adjective) Extremely loud. Synonyms: booming Usage: He was woken by the stentorian voice of his teacher, demanding to know why he wasn’t paying attention. Discuss

Fog fears: Heavy fog causing residents to become concerned about gas leaks

CUSHING, Okla. – The strong smell of gas had some Cushing residents on high alert.

“We’re very concerned that our water and our land and nature is being defiled and not being cared for,” said Neva Alsip. 301 more words