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Alternative Swear Words

Swearing can get you into trouble. But it won’t anymore.

Instead of saying sh*t, you could say:

Schist – type of volcanic rock; metamorphic rock…

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Writing Exercise: Profanities: The Words You Choose and Why

Warning: My writings do not usually contain profanities, but this one has a boat-load of them. If you are sensitive to f-bombs and curse words, please opt out.  789 more words

Writing Exercises

Why “The D-Word” Is Considered A Cuss Word (Or, Why I Think “OMG” Is Just As Bad As “G.D.”)

Disclaimer: Here on Family Friendly Daddy Blog, as the name implies, I strive to make sure the material I write is overall positive and non-offensive. But today might serve as a technical exception, as I think it would be interesting to learn about the history and psychology behind what makes a word not-so-family-friendly to begin with.

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Fowl Language

This has been one of those weeks that calls for lots of FOWL language – but I’ll just cop out of writing it all down and keep my beak shut. 6 more words


How Much of Me Do I Show?

As a writer, I’m going to show parts of me in whatever I write. It can’t be helped because, at least for me, it’s a personal pilgrimage. 595 more words



Welp, it’s time we was discussin’ cussin’. It’s a cussed subject an’ some folks can get mighty cussed about it. Use a cuss with the wrong person an’ you might get a cuff on yer head. 414 more words

Word Tasting Notes

Unpaid Preview: Ugly (Uncensored!)

Ugly is an upcoming movie directed by Anurag Kashyap, to be released on 26 December 2014. Keeping up with his image, Anurag Kashyap had earlier registered the title… 283 more words