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Vampire Knight rants (Contains spoilers and swear words)

I love to read mangas, which are japanese comics. No, I can’t read Japanese. I read the English translated ones. I have read so many, mostly romantic ones (I’m a girl, okay?). 828 more words

Random Stuff


Tarryn: “Hey Kayla.”

Kayla: “Hey Tarryn.”

Tarryn: “So listen… why do you drop the F-BOMB so often?”

Kayla: *stares* “What the fuck is an F-BOMB?” 863 more words


Can Christian authors use curse words?

As an author, I want to make my characters believable. I want them to “talk” like the people around me do. Being a Christian, I don’t like to curse and rarely if ever do, but I do have some Christians friends who occasionally use curse words. 92 more words


I Curse A Whole Fucking Lot

One thing that really pisses me off is when people tell me “Wow, you curse a lot”. No fucking shit, yo.

I grew up in a very conservative, church-minded home. 327 more words


A Father's Insight: Slip of the Tongue

I always have visions of the holiday-favorite film, A Christmas Story, when I think about the first time a bad word slipped out of my lips as a child. 772 more words

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