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Can Christian authors use curse words?

As an author, I want to make my characters believable. I want them to “talk” like the people around me do. Being a Christian, I don’t like to curse and rarely if ever do, but I do have some Christians friends who occasionally use curse words. 92 more words


I Curse A Whole Fucking Lot

One thing that really pisses me off is when people tell me “Wow, you curse a lot”. No fucking shit, yo.

I grew up in a very conservative, church-minded home. 327 more words


A Father's Insight: Slip of the Tongue

I always have visions of the holiday-favorite film, A Christmas Story, when I think about the first time a bad word slipped out of my lips as a child. 772 more words

The Family

What's Wrong With Vulgarities? (Especially for Girls)

Haven’t we all been thoughtlessly spewing phrases after phrases of vulgarities for the most insignificant reasons? I’m sure that almost every one of you faggots has had experience using such obscene terms, and surely the most prevalent and atrocious profanity of the decade would be  861 more words


The First Time My Child Cussed Was ______ - Frogmen's Fill In The Blank Friday

Unfortunately, it’s bound to happen. A nasty four letter word is going to come out of your sweet child’s mouth. Usually they have no idea what it means, but it still put you in that awkward situation where it’s hard not to laugh. 237 more words


Poll: What to do about the 'bad words'.

So, Secular African Society have got this mini-blog where we do ample amounts of tweeting and often times engage in debates with others on the worldwide tweetosphere. 165 more words

Statistical Report

Where I learned the F-word

You know how most people swear and cuss these days. Where do we learn them? Mostly, we learn them from TV shows. Other times we learn from people. 332 more words