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Is Swearing Really All That Bad?

Cussing has always been something everyone knew they weren’t supposed to do, yet always did anyway. Teachers criticize students for fowl language, parents punish children for swearing, and you had better not be caught using those words in front of small children or your priest. 189 more words


Pantoum for Those Driving like Assholes Near Clayton Middle School

It’s not like I don’t understand. I do.

Drop your kid off, get to work on time.

You are in a hurry. I am too. 117 more words

7. Five Pet peeves

I am a simple person who is annoyed by simple things.

1. Messy Ice cream eating

Only kids have the excuse to eat their ice cream in an untidy fashion. 262 more words

Holy F**k - Watching our Language

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Alphabet soup anyone??

The girls and I were spending the evening together laughing, teasing, listening to music and playing cards.  I had on my country station on Pandora which always garners lots of criticism from my girls.  659 more words

Christian Women

Curbing my ... enthusiasm?

I swear too much. My mom has always said so.

Anyone have a tip or trick or two to help me cut it down, or even stop altogether? 7 more words



The lies have always
come easy. Sweet
vibration between
tongue and tooth.
I have never
been one to count
my syllables,
to consider the
validity of each
statement that
cusses from mouth.

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