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Remove those a****isks please.

Why are profanities looked down upon in society?

Disclaimer: This article is probably PG13 and is a genuine opinion/report. It does not mean to offend anyone/prove that I personally like cursing (I don’t but I don’t agree with the social opinion that cursing is bad.)

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A Silly Story to Make Me Smile

Just an explanation. Back in January, my dear friend Janrae died. She was also known as the Cuss. Soon after she passed, her daughter, Sovay, showed some of us a piece of chat between them. 887 more words

General Blithering


That Boy August went off on the 106 n Park hosts when asked about his relationship/beef with Trey Songs…

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Is Swearing Really All That Bad?

Cussing has always been something everyone knew they weren’t supposed to do, yet always did anyway. Teachers criticize students for fowl language, parents punish children for swearing, and you had better not be caught using those words in front of small children or your priest. 189 more words


Pantoum for Those Driving like Assholes Near Clayton Middle School

It’s not like I don’t understand. I do.

Drop your kid off, get to work on time.

You are in a hurry. I am too. 117 more words

7. Five Pet peeves

I am a simple person who is annoyed by simple things.

1. Messy Ice cream eating

Only kids have the excuse to eat their ice cream in an untidy fashion. 262 more words

Holy F**k - Watching our Language

!!!! This is just a backup for my website. To view more and interact with me visit my website http://ift.tt/H1br5P or follow me on Twitter at… 759 more words