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Jesus and Cursing (or Cussing)

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Jr. SEAU fell out of the sky and claimed to be J-E-S-U-S.  To do so, he had to move some letters, drop an R and add an S.   94 more words


The benefits and the perils of cursing

I’ve always believed that there is a time and a place for everything, and that the workplace is neither the time nor the place to drop the F-bomb in “mixed” company.  991 more words


FBC180 Podcast Episode 4: Your Questions

On this week’s episode of the FBC180 Podcast, I answer a few of the questions you sent in. Listen in as we talk about the the topic of cussing and the ever-popular end times according to Bible prophecy. 42 more words


Thursday's Top Ten Swears To Spice Up Your Cussing!

Be prepared, you won’t be shocked!! Today the movies, cable TV shows and comedians have no holds barred when it comes to using foul language, bathroom humor, swearing a blue streak;  There are no boundaries…  Well it wasn’t always like that and thanks to Pbenjay’s favorite sourcerer, Gail, I received a link to an article about this very subject. 669 more words


DVD Indie Spotlight: A different kind of Spelling Bee…Please spell the letter f*@#

Bad Words

Rated R   89 min

Foul words. Mean spirited.  Spelling bee.  The combination of these three things makes up Bad Words, a film starring and directed by Jason Bateman.  145 more words