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Stella Ridley: Too Much Electricity (Another Chapter with No Number)

Too Much Electricity

The day came when Papaw had a series of strokes that left him not quite himself, though we still thought of him as being there primarily to love us and entertain us. 1,693 more words


High School Differences.

A topic came up in a writing group I’m a member of, and it got me thinking.

Someone asked how to get send out from class, and there were a lot of replies in the likes of “correct your teacher if they’re wrong”, and some replies that plays on clever/witty remarks. 1,315 more words


On 'Cussing'

Some Evangelicals still frown on anyone who uses certain four-letter words (or sometimes near-alternatives like ‘freaking’ or ‘darn’). I think a good number of people have grown out of this (or died, having raised more reasonable-minded offspring). 257 more words


Letting You In- 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

5 Things you didn’t know about me, unless you’ve met me in person lol.

1. I cuss. Frequently and fluently. Sometimes you just need a little extra umph to say what you mean. 317 more words

Daily Happenings

His Finest Hour

My Dad was a man of few words.  Despite having read thousands of books and having written hundreds of pieces of correspondence (in addition to keeping a journal for over thirty years), he kept his speaking to a minimum.   1,904 more words


Why “The D-Word” Is Considered A Cuss Word (Or, Why I Think “OMG” Is Just As Bad As “G.D.”)

Disclaimer: Here on Family Friendly Daddy Blog, as the name implies, I strive to make sure the material I write is overall positive and non-offensive. But today might serve as a technical exception, as I think it would be interesting to learn about the history and psychology behind what makes a word not-so-family-friendly to begin with.

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the beginning. again.

I’m at the beginning.


I keep starting over, each time utterly convinced this time i will get it right. My trial and error approach to life has been the struggle of my inner goddess of wisdom and war against the bonds of training, reactions to negative events, and the inability of an almost certainly autistic mind to adapt. 636 more words

Fucks I Do Not Give