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No Show? ... No mo

There’s an old adage that says when people tell you who they are believe them.   I’ll append that and say When people SHOW you who they are believe them.   663 more words


The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Garth Stein’s gently unique bestseller is a tearjerker featuring the most unlikely of protagonists- Enzo, a mongrel of uncertain lineage with a keen and brilliant mind that yearns to escape its canine body. 426 more words

Featured Advocate: Pierce from Pierce the Darkness 9/29

Pierce: I am advocate because a few years ago my life changed. My marriage ended and I began a journey down a very dark road. Along the way I experienced pain, conflict and a custody battle that no one should endure. 495 more words

I WON!!????

I WON! …

Yeah I won, but why does it feel weird to say that?  What did I actually win?  Is there such a thing as winning when you are dealing with divorce, custody and support?   1,091 more words


United Airlines Flight Diverted After Report Of Kidnapped Child Onboard

Passengers on an International flight from Dulles International Airport to Beijing were caught up in the middle of a custody battle turned potential kidnapping situation last night, when the FBI ordered the United Airlines flight to to turn back because a kidnapping suspect was on board with her child. 153 more words