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Do Healthcare Practitioners Value their Customers?

How have medical practitioners been able to book three patients for each 15 minute time slot on their calendar, make their customers (patients) wait for 45 minutes after their appointment time, and convince their customers that the practitioner’s time is more valuable than the customer’s? 187 more words


Why companies should invest in the customer experience

Acquisition of new customers as well as maintaining the existing customers is impossible without customer experience and customer centricity. Good experiences will grab customers and customers will pass on the information to other customers and so on. 31 more words

ADMA Engage 2014 - main takeaways

Last week I attended ADMA Engage in Melbourne. The conference ran for one day where 20 presenters delivered a case-study based program emphasising effective customer engagement. 280 more words

ADMA Engage

IT - get to know your customers in 3 steps

The most interesting aspect of moving into the digital age is humans are more important than ever before. In the previous computer age humans had to adjust themselves to computers, but in the digital age, technology is designed around humans. 642 more words

Customer Insight

Customer experience does not apply to us – ‘we’re different’! Is it possible to be a genuinely ‘customer centric’ law firm?

Let me set a couple of things straight before I even start this blog post. Whilst the title suggests that I am focussing on one particular industry, the essence of what you are about to read can apply to many industries and professions all over the world. 870 more words

Customer Experience

The Digital Executive: In the age of communities, how important is our company brand?

What does your company stand for? What (and who) does it represent? Now, more than ever before, our brand is vitally important. More time needs to be spent making sure it is clear. 887 more words

Customer Focus

A Trip to Hub Gaming...Coming Soon!

This is just a vision of what the future holds for you when we open our doors in 2015.

If you read my shopping trip to “STUFF” the other day then this should make a stark change. 397 more words