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Customer Centricity, CMO and Big Data

In the last post we showcased the changing role and importance of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). The gaining dominance of IT, and how new trends, namely – … 494 more words


Is The Way We Are Going About Customer Acquisition and Retention Dead Wrong?

In light of the Comcast call that went viral I invite you to listen to these wise words (bolding is my work).

There is no question that acquiring and retaining customers is vital to every company, but…

654 more words
Customer Experience

Login - Systems of Engagement; Logout – Systems of Record

What is systems of engagement and what is systems of record? Why is this buzz on systems of engagement, at this point in time? 446 more words


So You Want to Become Customer Centric, Are You Ready to Face the Cold Hard Facts?

It’s the argument that divides marketers; many feel the priority is to sell a product or service, and that a customer-focus distracts from the ultimate goal, which is to make money. 622 more words


Are YOU a Box-Checking Writer?

What, you may ask, is a box-checking writer?

It’s when we let the standards and guidelines we created become our masters. Sometimes to the point of putting the standard before the actual needs of the audience. 162 more words

Tech Writing

Customer service: Are you a ninja or a nincompoop?

Having divorced and moved earlier this year, I’ve had quite a few occasions to interact with companies’ customer service functions. In most cases, I’ve merely been updating my personal information. 547 more words