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Foundations for True Customer Centricity

Everything in this world has changed dramatically over the past 10 years and businesses have desperately tried to keep up yet have failed, why is that? 88 more words

The three kings of customer centricity

This year we looked at organisations that have a great track record of achieving customer centricity, and gave our top tips on how this can be achieved: 236 more words

Customer Experience As Idea, Not Methodology Nor Technology

As a thinker, I am struck by how rare original thinking is in the organisational world. As a thinker, I am struck by how little thinking – as in stopping and reflecting on that which is occurring and the pattern of this occurrence – occurs in organisations. 984 more words

Customer Experience

Wie du mit einer Frage erkennst, welchen MehrWERT du anderen bietest

Wie schafft man es, Produkte und Services zu kreieren und zu kommunizieren, die Menschen wirklich wollen? 

Um herauszufinden, was dein Produkt ausmacht, damit deine Zielgruppen… 633 more words

Creative Strategy

Form Follows Function on SPaMCAST 319

I’m back with another appearance on Tom Cagley’s Software Process and Measurement (SPaMCast) podcast.

SPaMCast 319 features Tom’s “Why Are Requirements So Hard To Get Right?” segment, followed by Jo Ann Sweeny’s new column, “Explaining Change”. 20 more words

Management And Governance

What Way Of Being Creates Access To Effectiveness In The Exercise Of Change Leadership?

Looking back, I see that I have been involved in drama of organisational change since the days I did corporate recovery work as a part of Price Waterhouse’s Corporate Recovery division.   519 more words

Customer Experience

Likes, Shares and GIVEAWAYS!!!

I just spent two days in Atlantic City at a leadership offsite where one of the resounding themes was COMMUNICATION. There were a couple of other themes floating around as well….like gambling and drinking but for purposes of this article, I’ll focus on the former. 321 more words