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Whose thinking of your customers, while you're busy at your meetings?

Whose thinking of your customers, while you’re busy at your meetings ?

In life, it’s very easy to get busy for the sake of it and we must be clear about our time…. 247 more words


Customer First: Driving Continuous Improvement in Organizations

For many years, most companies focused mainly on improving internal operations as they affect their profitability. Customer satisfaction was monitored but was used only as a way to confirm financial performance. 171 more words


Is Customer Centricity getting lost in a world of KPIs?

I’ve worked in more than one business over my work life span. There are companies who are massively KPI driven and then there are those who are more customer focused, it’s very difficult to have both work in synchronicity with successful results. 970 more words


Your Office Just Went On Rent !!

Yes…. At Escorts in a few months from today, many offices are going to be taken away….. Specially those of the Sales and Marketing teams as they need to be with their customers and not sit at their offices! 233 more words

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Design Follies - Architect Knows Best

Last (for now), but most definitely not least of the design follies is putting your own “vision” above the needs of the customer. Worse than… 713 more words

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I hate predictions, so here goes!

Don’t you feel it? Everything seems to be moving faster. Have we sped up? No, we are being led by the Speed of Digital.

When the Unilever head of marketing, worldwide, declared “Digital is dying,” he made it clear it was dead as a  separate “thing” or media or channel: it is ubiquitous. 314 more words

Design Follies - 'It's all about the technology'

I recently described the method I use to pick topics for posts as “some posts I plan and some just grab me”. The topic for this post seems to be in a class all its own – it stalks me. 476 more words

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