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What Is The Access to Transformation And Authentic Customer-Centricity?

What Is Transformation?

For the purposes of this conversation, when I speak ‘transformation’ I am pointing at a radical shift in one’s way of being – as in one’s way of showing up and travelling in this world.   991 more words

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Give Your Agents Time To Know Their Customers

When I started working in a call center back in the communication dark ages, we just had phones, desks and lots of paper to count calls and sales made each day. 662 more words

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Tales of Customer Experience: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly?

giffgaff: Wow! What A Delightful Experience.

Youngest, daughter, has ‘lost’ her mobile phone. So she logged me into her giffgaff account on the website. I clicked the “Help” tab. 1,131 more words

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2015 and the rise of customer experience

All companies understand the importance of delivering a superior customer experience (CX). The combination of intense competition, more demanding customers and an increasing range of channels, mean that organisations have to continually improve the service that they offer to consumers if they are to retain business, whatever sector they are in. 415 more words

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Which Customer Experience Path Is Your Organisation Travelling? Is It The Right One?

What Customer Experience Paths Are Organisations Taking?

It occurs to me that under the Customer Experience umbrella one can pursue several distinctive paths. What might these paths be? 706 more words

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My perspective: What is wrong with Flipkart?

Slightly off theme, but I just posted the following answer to the question, “What is wrong with Flipkart?” on Quora:

I used to be a loyal Flipkart customer, even opting for a Flipkart First membership on the very day that it was launched.

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10 point check list for CMOs: What to consider when acquiring a marketing automation system?

When considering to go for programmatic marketing and acquiring a marketing automation system, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your starting point and what you plan to achieve with automated communications. 466 more words