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Forget Working On The Customer Experience, Focus On Competition

I say that the way to make a significant impact on the quality of the customer experience (as experienced by the customer) is for the organisation not to focus on improving the Customer Experience.   1,244 more words

Customer Experience

Passive and/or Active?

What is the best way to capture and understand customer experience on a mobile network? Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) can provide vast amounts of data – but can it really give you the true end-to-end customer experience? 342 more words

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What Behavioral Economics Can Teach Us About the Patient Experience

Contributor: Courtney Hummel – Senior Client Services Specialist, Emmi Solutions

In his TEDtalk, “The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory”, behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman tells a short story about a man listening to a symphony. 653 more words

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Just what is it you’re buying this Christmas?

It’s that time of year when client entertaining is on the menu, so as waistlines expand, opportunities arise to explore many a drunken theory about the marketing landscape (or what the… 605 more words


Customer Experience As Idea, Not Methodology Nor Technology

As a thinker, I am struck by how rare original thinking is in the organisational world. As a thinker, I am struck by how little thinking – as in stopping and reflecting on that which is occurring and the pattern of this occurrence – occurs in organisations. 984 more words

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The benefits of integrating customer service with the back office

Back office activities may be unglamorous, but they are vital. Whether ensuring that customers receive the right paperwork, taking payments, making amendments to accounts or organising the dispatch of products, failures lead to frustrated and angry customers, and additional strain on the contact centre. 576 more words

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Is your CEO Spending too much time in meetings or at a computer?

There have been a number of occasions over the last few weeks where PA’s to a CEO have been unable to find a slot for me because the CEO’s diary was full for the next 6-8 weeks. 278 more words