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How mobile technology has transformed customer relations

I need to complain. I want to complain now. How am I going to do so? Easy, I am going to log my complaint with the device that is in my hand 24/7, my Smartphone. 313 more words

Bad Comcast Behavior Explained

Okay, so I’ve had my own horror stories with certain companies and their customer service. Working in customer service myself, I’ve also had some crazy customers. 709 more words

Customer Relations

Fun, Fear and Falafel: A Summer Adventure in NYC

By Elizabeth Boone

Living in New York has been exhilarating. The stakes are high, the people are intense, and, sometimes, you just want a pool and your puppy. 320 more words

Public Relations

I Just Want To Give You Money

Over the past few months, I have used this phrase over and over again. It still amazes me that we live in a world where you cannot get a salesperson or company to give you a call when you want to employ their services or buy their product. 303 more words

Customer Service

Measuring Up: Customer satisfaction metrics that matter

Every remodeler advertises great customer service, but how do they really know if they’re meeting or exceeding their client’s expectations? Keeping a finger on the pulse of your company’s customer service performance must go beyond simply asking clients if they’re happy. 526 more words

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What Are The Biggest Obstacles For Small Businesses?

According to a recent article from American Express Open Forum, small business owners were asked what their biggest obstacle for small businesses in their communities was.   344 more words

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Under New Management

How many times have we seen this phrase posted on the outside of a business? Does this really change our perception about an organization if we know that someone new is in charge? 231 more words

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