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The Lost Art of the Apology

by Nancy Carr

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” It seems an entire generation internalized the iconic line from the 70′s classic,  799 more words

Say What?

How many times have you been in a situation where you needed to tell someone something unpleasant and you just didn’t know how to do it? 183 more words


What Hairstylists Know About Customer Service

If you have ever thought about it, leadership and expertise can come from unexpected places. Sometimes, it’s not the people who know computers, went to a special college, etc who know everything. 780 more words

Customer Relations

Air Flow and Filters

We all know how important proper air flow is to both heating and cooling systems.  Without proper air flow, furnaces can cycle on  limits or the consumer feels it is always cold air coming out of the register. 586 more words

HVAC Tech Support

Be the Best Customer

We have been saying for quite some time that suppliers won’t give their best stuff to their worst customers, and here’s another voice chiming in with the same message. 97 more words

Supply Management

How Facebook EdgeRank Is Affecting Your Business

There are plenty of people saying Facebook is going by the wayside, but are they really? Facebook literally has billions of users, they have plenty of new users, and there really is no replacement. 459 more words

Customer Relations

What Do You Call Them?

Quick, what do you call those people who walk through your front door and give you money for a service or product? Patron, Customer, Guest, Client, Buyer, Shopper, Trouble….. 230 more words

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