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In Your Words 11

*This blog post is a  “sample post” as part of an assignment, and is strictly for educational purposes. The responses below are note on behalf of the Hilton or Hyatt hotel corporations. 591 more words

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The Art of Relaxation

It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to holidays and taking some well-earned time-off… Or do they? I’ve heard a few fellow freelance translators recently saying that they don’t take holidays, just a few days here or there, either because of pressures of work, or for fear of losing clients. 1,286 more words


How To Deal With Customers You Hate

Typically, customers are easy enough to deal with, most of the time. You have an interest in helping them, and most respond. Occasionally though, there are those who, despite your attempts to help them, just seem to want to make your life more frustrating. 629 more words

Customer Relations

How mobile technology has transformed customer relations

I need to complain. I want to complain now. How am I going to do so? Easy, I am going to log my complaint with the device that is in my hand 24/7, my Smartphone. 313 more words

Bad Comcast Behavior Explained

Okay, so I’ve had my own horror stories with certain companies and their customer service. Working in customer service myself, I’ve also had some crazy customers. 709 more words

Customer Relations

Fun, Fear and Falafel: A Summer Adventure in NYC

By Elizabeth Boone

Living in New York has been exhilarating. The stakes are high, the people are intense, and, sometimes, you just want a pool and your puppy. 320 more words

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I Just Want To Give You Money

Over the past few months, I have used this phrase over and over again. It still amazes me that we live in a world where you cannot get a salesperson or company to give you a call when you want to employ their services or buy their product. 303 more words

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