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Take care of your customers

This holds true not just for a B2C kind of scenario, but also B2B scenario. I work in the service industry & for me the customer relationship is of prime importance. 95 more words

Client Expectation

Electronic Billing: Past, Present, Future Part I

In the beginning there were black and white paper bills delivered through the mail. The bill informed the consumer or business how much money was owed, the consumer or business wrote a check and mailed it back to the service provider. 508 more words

Best Practices

Relationship Management - How to get that sale!

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I’m just the process of organising quotes for the up and coming renovations of our house that we bought. We understood the amount of work that was required; however, we misunderstood the time wasted in getting preliminary quotes to jobs that require doing before the major work can commence. 424 more words

Business Strategy

For the Attention of the Marketing Department - you might want to read this!

Improve your Marketing and Increase Revenue

The key factor when creating and developing your marketing strategy is to know your customer – who are they? What are the demographics (age, gender, location), their spending patterns? 364 more words


Think like A Genuine 'Brand'

  • There are areas in our brain which can store certain brands and slogans but not all. The brands that truly influence our mind are the ones that emotionally we are attached with.
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Middle East

Wait, Can You Explain That Again?

Let’s be real here – most of your customers have no idea what half of the business terms you use on them mean. This differs from business to business and industry to industry but when it comes to financial terms like “liability insurance” or certain fees with strange names “dock fees” “credit card processing fee” this can confuse people. 357 more words

Why have a CRM system?

Today I am going to delve into a topic that many ask themselves often; does my business or organisation need a CRM system? It is probably one of the most asked questions within business – why have one? 379 more words