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Better Steps to Market

Find out the needs:

Customers are ready to pay for their needs. Thought there are many products in the market, they need not fulfill the real need of customers. 356 more words

Customer-led marketing is your competitive edge

Countless companies across industries claim to focus fully on serving their customers. Only recently however, has the balance really shifted, putting customers firmly in the driver’s seat. 951 more words


CRM Software and the NGO.

CRM Software and the NGO.

We already know the many benefits of CRM software. This is a software that manages the flow of information and activity that develops between a company and its various customers. 268 more words


Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

The purpose of customer relationship management, CRM, is to create and maintain profitable customer relationships. CRM requires “understanding the marketplace and customer needs, designing a customer-driven marketing strategy, and constructing a marketing program” (Kotler). 287 more words

Customer Relationship - Human Health Graphs

The customer relationship I seek is life long, starting with the parents of the fetus, ending with the executor of the individual’s estate who will disposition the deceased’s database of health and healthcare. 250 more words

3 Ways to nurture your B2B customer relationships

As B2B businesses rapidly transition to low-touch online model you need new ways to nurture your customer relationships. Here are three ways to do that. 556 more words


First Quarter Report on Your Lifecycle Marketing Campaign

Parent-teacher conferences are in full swing, spring is here (according to the calendar) and the first quarter is coming to a close. It’s a good time to take a look at your Lifecycle Marketing Campaign and see how you’re doing. 386 more words