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The use of “You” in international marketing communications

In the US, marketing communicators have a love affair with the word “you”. They find it direct, appealing, and attention-grabbing – all excellent traits in a successful communication. 396 more words

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The need to change visuals in translated marketing collateral

Marketing collateral, such as ads, web pages, tradeshow displays, and product packaging, is usually a careful blend of text and visuals. The two elements work together to produce one or more of the following: 536 more words

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Is a picture worth a thousand words in European advertising?

Most US marketers invest a great deal of time, research, and effort in developing visual imagery for their marketing communications. The driving factor behind this effort is the idea that a communication piece has only a few seconds to capture a user’s attention and an image can convey messages both strongly and quickly. 368 more words

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The five consumption values of consumers

When a consumer is evaluating an item for purchase, she is quickly, but systematically, working her way through a mental list of consumption values (functional, social, emotional, epistemic, and conditional) to determine if the item fits all her criteria. 615 more words

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Presenting www.symbi.nyc

Greetings, Symbi readers!

We are happy to report that we have made some big strides this last week – notably:

1) Moving from Seattle to NYC, in order to get closer to our users and immerse ourselves in the NYC rooming environment (We have a new roommate ourselves!) 412 more words