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What are the most important elements needed to create a successful Quality program? Effective Quality programs have two attributes in common. First, they are headed by strong leaders who establish their company culture and effectively motivate employees to buy into that culture. 634 more words

Customer Satisfaction


Only make promises you know you can keep. Breaking a promise undermines your customers’ or your employees’ trust in you and damages your relationship with them. 13 more words

Customer Satisfaction

Expedia Has Technology to Thank For Its Five Star Service

Expedia moves millions of people around the world. It supports a multitude of languages, geographies and brands in more than 20 countries. And yet despite its scale, the company excels at making its customers feel like they know them personally. 647 more words

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Reliable Knowledge Bases Can Deliver Customer Satisfaction In Spades

Posted by Sam George

Helpful customer service advisors with information at their fingertips are the key to winning customer confidence. They have an answer for every question, a suggestion for every query and a resolution for every issue. 455 more words

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Heathrow airport - Helpers on trial, but food to go is here to stay

Having recently blogged about the major role that airports play in any traveller’s experience, it is interesting to see that Heathrow has recently announced two new initiatives. 171 more words

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It Seems So Simple ... From The Outside In

Every process is perfectly constructed to produce the results it does. And I saw another example of this last Sunday and Monday.

The airline industry touts their customer focus, despite most people’s experience to the contrary. 263 more words

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ITIL Certification

History of ITIL exists too, if at all one thought it to be a foreign concept altogether; grabbing attention.

It enhances the competitive edge of IT managers, directors, business analysts, and consultants. 602 more words