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My Complaint to the BBB about Comcast

On July 31, 2014 I closed on my house. I called Comcast to ask them to transfer my service from my old apartment to my new house on August 28, 2014. 722 more words

Good Customer Service

I’m not a shopper.  Don’t get me wrong, sure, there are some things that I love to look at (the new Harleys, guitars and gear, stuff at the local Sports Authority, camping gear–pretty much anything you can find in the Bass Pro shop)….but I’ll pass every time if I have to compete with the masses at the local shopping mall. 766 more words

Life In General

Thank You Sir....May I Have Another

It happens to the best of us, the dreaded returned item. I have had two this week and as always the first reaction is ughhhh. After the initial “oh man” reaction I settled down and let my processes and good business practices take over. 376 more words

Can I Borrow Your Phone?

So I’m trying to figure out Apple Pay because it is the future and I am nothing if not up-to-date with the current trends, policies and going-ons. 1,109 more words

Promotional Products

Can I special request this guy please?

I wrote the following after ringing GoDaddy’s customer support line. I wanted to complete a survey but the email I had wasn’t working for me. (Down with technology!) They have this neat thing where you can provide feedback online via… 746 more words