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Casino Marketing Vendors to Treasure

Since joining the team at Harvest Trends, I have discovered that there is, sadly, no need for me to keep in regular contact with some of the vendors and their reps who made my life easier over the years.   1,544 more words

Casino Player Development

Delighting your customers through getting the basics right

There are lots of stories about companies that have delighted their customers. Take Sainsbury’s renaming its Tiger Bread based on feedback from a three year old girl that it looked more Giraffe-like or US restaurant… 497 more words

Customer Service

Learning the needs of your customer, monitoring their behavior and rewarding them for loyalty allows retailers to create a better shopping experience by effectively leveraging consumer data would seem to be basic business logic. 348 more words

Customer Service

Ladies keep your panties on!

Ladies, we need to have a little chat. It’s very simple and yet so many of you find this so difficult. Honestly, it is just plain disgusting. 569 more words

Customer Service

Customer Loyalty – The Key to Business Success

Talk to many business people about how they approach customer service and the majority of them will say that they are aiming to have ‘satisfied’ customers. 826 more words


5 Things That Annoy Me In Working Retail

Five Things That Annoy Me In Working Retail

1) Everything ( in a clothing retail store) has it’s own unique skew number. Granted some brands the skew number is the same for the same shirt in all sizes. 799 more words

Desk.com from Salesforce.com

Very Good Customer Service Capabilities in an Fast and Easy to Deploy Package

This week’s report is our Product Evaluation of Desk.com, Salesforce.com’s customer service offering for very small, small, and mid-sized businesses as well as for small departments in larger organizations. 700 more words

Customer Service