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On True Twit ~ How Not To Be A Social Media Wanker

True Twit bills itself as the tool that validates your followers so you do not have to deal with spammers.

As I take care to keep only real followers, and not spammers, I thought this would be a useful tool. 274 more words

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Cable Near Miss

I know. Everyone hates the cable company. There are long stretches where I don’t have cable television by choice. I sometimes have to call cable companies for internet but not when I can help it. 950 more words


Two marketers walk into a bar and tell conference call jokes...

We’ve all sat in them – conference calls. They can be the most non-productive meetings ever conducted. Attendees spend their time doing everything but focus on the call – stare at their phone screens, do their emails, chat to others, read stuff, dose off and more. 14 more words

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The Two Places Within Your Dental Business To Draw Your Marketing And Advertising Dollars From

I’ve talked in recent weeks about the mix, or division of collection dollars, in the Dental Office.

And I’ve written on several occasions on the 40:20:20:20 division of the collections, with the emphasis on making sure that the Dental Office Dentist Owner is appropriately remunerated by the Dental Office for the three distinct levels of involvement that he has, in that office. 768 more words

Make Your Networking Strategy More Honest

If you approach networking wondering “what can I get out of this,” you’re off to a bad start.  Modern sales is about how to get your product into the hands of people it will help – networking is and always has been about how you can help other people.   328 more words

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How To Get Better Customer Support ?

This article is packed with good advices and tools for a better Customer Experience, because, like me, you probably hate automated or humanless services…

(Click on the picture to read the full article from Lifehacker.com)

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