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"Bye" is an art form

I’m not sure when I first became a connoisseur of the word, but I have realized that everyone has their own unique slant on “Bye”. It has become a fascination of mine to listen to the various ways people say the word.  392 more words


A Nice Meal And An Unwanted Free Gift.

I went to a local restaurant last week, and managed to get a skelf (depending on your location, also known as a splinter, spelk, or sliver) in the bend of my thumb. 365 more words


Customer Service - A Rant

If I had friends who communicated how some businesses communicate, they wouldn’t be my friends for much long. The neediness that is shown by some businesses in the correspondences is incredibly off putting. 750 more words


Well worth the tread

As ever I have to endorse buying local and having these resources on our doorstep, and although only people in my area may feel the need to go there, I am shouting out for the business that delivers in spade loads. 107 more words

Customer Service

An Open Letter To Poor Customers I Service

Dear Customer,

You may remember me. You may not. It doesn’t really matter either way, because when you call, you still expect me to remember you. 926 more words

All’s well that ends well or notes on post sales service

Here’s a recent story shared with me by one of the most valuable and big-spending customers of a famous department store:

They’ve bought an expensive TV set in the store last year, which is still covered by a warranty. 679 more words

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