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Episode 16, Companion Blog

In each episode, we talk about several things that need a little extra information, and we hope to use our website to help make listening to the pod a little better. 86 more words


NPS from the trenches - Arnold, Robert

It’s a bit disjointed and muddled together, but decent enough to get an idea of the benefits of NPS. In terms of improving your score, most tips you ‘should’ be doing anyway. 119 more words

Customer Service

Comcast Memo: Rep From "Painful" Retention Call Was Doing "What We Trained Him To Do"

A week after the posting of the neediest customer-retention call in Comcast history, the fallout continues, with the company’s Chief Operating Officer telling Comcast employees in a memo leaked to Consumerist that the incident was “painful to listen to,” but that the rep “did a lot of what we trained him…to do.”

How to tell your Customer Service sucks

Today, I got a phishing e-mail.

I hope you have never been subject to such a shocking event for yourself, and apologize if the horror of my tale gave you a heart attack. 871 more words

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How Long Does It Take Dell Online Support To Realize You’re Just Describing The Plot of Hackers?

Remember that fantastically terrible 1995 movie Hackers? If so, then you’re more cinematically versatile than Dell’s online customer support team. The Jonny Lee Miller/Terrible Haircut Angelina Jolie cyber thriller may not hold up today compared with modern technology, but then again, some might say the same about Dell. 258 more words

Forget Google Analytics, FullStory lets you 'replay' any visitor's interaction with your website

Web developers can find it challenging to fix bugs that users report if they can’t recreate the problem themselves. But FullStory, a company started by a group of ex-Google employees, is building a product that can help with that. 514 more words