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Saw this one doing rounds…

Another hilarious one about IT Support and Helpdesk..

Dear Helpdesk,

Thank you for creating my account so fast.

Though it is very funny, but how could I sell our companies products with an email address as… 43 more words


When did rushing ever lead to greatness?

In 1999 the science writer James Gleick published ‘Faster’, his lament to a slower age when people didn’t need to be doing two things at the same time. 318 more words

Customer Service

How unempowered customer care departments erode brand value

Customer support is the face of any organization.

No, media adverts are not.
No, marketing department is not.
No, retail outlets are not.
People in the retail outlets are, and they are, in principle, a part of customer facing group.

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User Experience

Divorcing AT&T and breaking up with Yahoo!

Divorces, as you may know, are often expensive and divorcing AT&T was no different. This divorce—so far—has cost us more than $1,000, and it seems that AT&T wants to suck more green from our bank account. 903 more words

Lloyd Lofthouse

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This sounds SO familiar! Wait, it is. Change a few vendor names and voilà, it's MY story, maybe YOUR story too. Thieves and liars, all of them.

Internal and External Service

When we think about service and support, it is very easy to think only of our customers, of the folks who have purchased our products or processes – we answer their questions, ensure their happiness, and so forth. 132 more words