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Putting on My Summer Tank(a)-top (Weekly Writing Challenge)

Challenge?  Accepted.


Holiday weekend?
I groan at the thought of it.
Tourists everywhere.
Massive throngs all demanding
Adults losing their children.

I remain stoic… 48 more words


If I wasn’t here at three am you would not be able to get your thirty-two mcdoubles, ten small fries and one small diet coke. So please stop bitching about ever little thing while your sitting in my drive threw waiting on the fresh food you asked for. 75 more words



An important aspect that should influence your decision on which drycleaner to use is their level of standard.

Textile Services Association (TSA) Members are given a level of competency guide called “Code of Practice” that encourages the drycleaners to ensure best practice when treating your clothes. 83 more words

Customer Reviews Lumene Eye Liner Pencil Eye Graphics - Number 3 Silverstone

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Lumene Eye Graphics Eye Liner Pencil has just the right softness and goes on lightly for a clear, neat line. 24 more words

How Smart Cards Increase Security

The traditional credit card is a great tool for making purchasing easy for both the retailer and the customer. But in this drive to be simple, there have been questions about the security of the system. 356 more words


Young retailers revel in less but good enough earnings

Teen retailers haven’t given young men and women much of a reason to shop in their stores over the past few years. But if the segment’s second-quarter earnings results are any indication, the Abercrombies and American Eagles of the world are finally starting to turn a…

Customer Reviews Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Powder Eye Color (Black Diamond)

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Our gorgeous Powder Liner Colours are made with all natural earth pigments and can be applied wet or dry. 20 more words