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If the suit doesn't fit . . .

A little while ago I read a rather concerning article. It surrounded a new subject that was creeping its way into school curriculums – workplace behaviour. 524 more words

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Genuine OEM replacement part… 11 more words

Small Business is Big Business

Think about it. Who employees more people than any one company in the United States of America? Collectively, small businesses do. Do you think that your favorite brand, produced by your favorite corporation just appeared on the market one day, ready to dominate with the best product no one ever thought about before? 443 more words


The Tattoo Customer...a view from the other side of the machine..

If you’re like me, every where we go, we see body art… a small tattoo here, or a person with a complete sleeve.. Maybe, just maybe, we see the slight hint thru a dress shirt.. 838 more words


Halloween Fun Facts

With Halloween just around the corner, this is a perfect opportunity for you to teach your kids about fiscal responsibility. Did you know that Halloween is the 4th largest holiday for retailers?  38 more words

Junior Achievement

Customer Service Confessions

Imagine you are a chicken running around in a retail store with your head chopped off. Now multiply that instance by 90 days and again by 40 hours. 287 more words

Supply Chain Design or Manufacturing Strategy, what should come first?

Competition, frequent changes in raw material price, meeting customer expectations are some of the challenges that manufacturing companies deal every time. As these challenges are external and cannot be ignored or eliminated, organisation depends on various strategies to reduce the intensity of the threat. 732 more words

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