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Marketing Primer

Whether you are a new or experienced marketer, sometimes it helps to have a refresher on setting up a marketing campaign. If I have worked with a brand for some time, it can be easy to just go through the motions without thinking about each step. 424 more words


The Customer Service Conundrum

Let’s face it—many departments do NOT want to manage customer service. I see the Customer Service Shuffle take place in media companies often, especially when people change roles.   330 more words


How to give customers what they want

We live in a world where customization is expected. We want control over portion size, toppings, burrito contents, and how many pumps in our latte. Customization hasn’t slowed down, and in fact, consumers are now concerned with gluten options, food allergies, and substitution. 913 more words


10 ways to thank your customers this holiday season

1. Special holiday menu. It’s never too early to start promoting your prix fixé menu for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Be sure to include links to your contact information or online reservation page in all of your marketing. 351 more words


Saying Thank You--and Meaning It

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is the time of year when we hear these words at the shops, in email, in person, in cards and gifts from our suppliers, our friends, our family. 312 more words


Give in more ways than one with the Fabia Seatbelts Bag this Christmas

Just about everyone has a friend or relative that walks to the beat of their own drum, fashion-wise. The one whose outfits tell a thousand stories about how exciting their lives are and the far-flung corners of the globe they have travelled to, instead of what your toddler smeared across your back at breakfast time. 310 more words


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