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Customers care about Corporate Social Responsibility

Many small and big companies do not communicate about their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for several reasons. In some cases, they think they are not going to be trusted and that communication will turn against the image of the organization in form of accusations of green washing, for instance. 497 more words


New Genetics Workshop Locations for May 2014

More than 400 people attended ArborGen’s Advanced Genetics and Silviculture Workshops last year. Many who were too far away from those locations requested that we set new locations so that’s exactly what we did. 53 more words

Customer Appreciation

Thank you for your support and trust in us. It has been our pleasure serving you!

Breitling Box Price

Asking for the Sale

A recent survey of consumers and retail sales outlets has shown that one of the top 3 reasons that a consumer chose a particular product or service was that the sales person asked them to! 1,227 more words


What are your staff and customers saying about your business?

When the television show ‘Undercover Boss’ screened in Australia, business owners watched eagerly to see what the outcomes were each episode, with the usual scenario where the staff were fabulous against all odds as a result of which they received a reward or promotion. 881 more words


Paradigm Shift – Will there be “space” for Social Enterprises?

There was a time when seller needs to look for “Place or Market Place” to sell his products or conduct transactions.

But not anymore!!!!!!!

Today, a seller is good to go if he registers a domain and uploads his products, then he is all set to sell his products or conduct transactions. 462 more words

Social Enterprise

Habit & Compulsion - keys to higher, sustained facility occupancies?

Greek philosopher Aristotle seemed to encapsulate drivers of human behaviour way back around 300BC, when he contended that “all human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion and desire.” 742 more words

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