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Voice of the Customer

People you sell to have long since grown tired of your marketing stuff. The adage ‘self-praise is no praise’ comes to mind. Maybe that’s why we’re told as kids not to blow our own trumpet. 324 more words


Why we only serve home-made cake

Let me start out this post by stating that our cafe isn’t a fancy pants bakery, or food establishment, it’s a cafe, and as much as I would like to just serve tea, cake and afternoon tea from pretty doily clad vintage cake stands, (whilst wearing a beautiful tea dress and red lipstick), quite frankly, we are not in the location for such a place. 290 more words


3 Effective Tools To Advertise Your Brand Among The Customers

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota

Stickers have been used since 130 years and are known as the best and effective way to promote your brand. 600 more words

This Could Be Your Greatest New Marketing Idea

I work with a lot of small business owners who either refuse to take American Express or they discourage it. Why is that? I understand the fees are higher with Am Ex versus Visa or MC or taking a check or cash, but ask yourself, who are these people who wish to use their American Express? 651 more words

American Express

4 Ways To Get Your Customers To Do Your Social Marketing For You

By Angie Nelson

Looking for creative ways to use social media to promote your products? Many established brands and innovative startups have started to mix social media marketing with e-commerce to improve their sales. 1,137 more words