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Marketing Lessons From Granny

When my cousin and I were about four years old, I went to visit him for a week or so. He lived on the edge of a small town, and we ran through the veld in bare feet and shorts, climbing anything we could, and pushing the boundaries of parental law. 405 more words


E-commerce companies finding new ways to keep customers hooked

MUMBAI: A website for many a start-up is the first link with the customer, much like windows in brick-and-mortar stores that are designed to attract potential buyers, and the feedback on these sites helps these companies fine-tune their strategies. 896 more words

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wow ok then... so sexy.

Today marked the first opportunity at work to witness the revolting end of donations to Amvets thrift store.  Now mind you, it’s not your average thrift store, where Amvets pays it’s profits to veterans and provides used items for veterans, and the general public of course.  172 more words


Ridesharing Company Uber Launching In Nevada

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Uber is making good on the rumors.

The ridesharing company says it plans to launch in Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City on Friday afternoon. 123 more words


Ducky Weather

Blech. Ick. Blah. How many onomatopoeic words can I find that accurately describe this week’s weather? Rain, a chill wind, and wet leaves all mix together to create general misery for anyone unfortunate enough to be outside. 535 more words

SOCAP International 2014 Annual Conference

By Ayo Dahunsi

By 2018, industry analysts expect that 78% of consumer interactions will be through digital channels such as social media, self-serve options, and chat. 335 more words

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Making the Customer Do the Work: Another Flawed Strategy

(Image Courtesy of touch support.com)

During a conversation about the salad post, someone shared yet another flawed strategy in customer service.

The details.

Repair person comes to the house. 245 more words

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