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Are SaaS Companies Just Misunderstood?

Depending on whom you ask, companies that sell their products on a subscription basis are either companies that are veritable giants¬†of growth, or firms that hide their business models’ inherent weakness in the form of short-term losses that are dismissed under the guise of investment. 1,583 more words


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Lead Generation

Lead generation effort can be one of the most underestimated sales activities in a business in terms of cost,time and resources needed. The reality is before a sale happens (even if your business is online), there is a process of generating leads (inbound,outbound,online, events,shows, etc) and in many cases nurturing these leads to turn suspects into prospects into sales. 375 more words


Why Your Marketing Can't Take a Back Seat

Where does marketing rest on your business priorities? For some companies, marketing is a top priority, something that one can never spend enough money or time on. 455 more words


Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Some time ago I already wrote a whitepaper on “Customer Lifecycle Marketing“, but I feel that it is time to revisit the subject as over time it is getting more and more important. 643 more words


Holding a grudge

A customer has a problem with you and they put in a complaint, you get a bollocking at work and you expect that to be the end of it don’t you? 504 more words


Saying Thank You--and Meaning It

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is the time of year when we hear these words at the shops, in email, in person, in cards and gifts from our suppliers, our friends, our family. 312 more words


Personalized Business Greeting Cards for Customers: The Essentials

While this move is essentially a form of marketing, business owners should keep in mind that their intended recipients should feel special upon receipt of the card. 136 more words