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A Decent Hourly Wage

Remember the various political entities demanding something-in-the-area of $15.00 per hour, as a minimum wage?

Well, burger-flippers, chew in THIS:



The U.S. House will be in session for only eight days during a 102-day span between August 1 and November 12, which means that based on their $174,000 annual salary, lawmakers will earn $608 an hour during those days in the nation’s capital.

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Theme IV, Money: Stories from Food Service

By Alyssa Matesic

Having failed to acquire a summer internship, the first thing I did when I returned home to Texas was apply for waitressing jobs. 1,110 more words


Generating Trust

The internet world is an anonymous one, which has created the perfect hidey hole for thieves and hoaxers.

Scare stories of people who have lost their money through hoax websites circulate the media; hence online customers are now much more cautious when making online purchases (unless it’s a major brand name that they immediately recognise). 345 more words

How To Run Your Business

Why it takes more than one person in a corporate world to make that key sale.

I have spent the last two years working in an environment where I have been in the very fortunate position, I have been able work with both Market Researches and Lead Generation specialists to assist me in driving my sales forward. 327 more words


Diner Dash

Diner Dash is all about a young burnt out corporate employee named Flo. She gets tired of running the rat race and so opens up her own restaurant. 372 more words


Ezidebit acquires leading software company – StorMan

Last month StorMan Software announced that Australian Payments giant Ezidebit had acquired them. Ezidebit is Australia’s premier payment provider and their innovative payment methods have revolutionised the Childcare and Fitness industries in Australia. 759 more words

Self Storage

A High-Flying Workplace For High-Flying Customers

A High-Flying Workplace for High-Flying Clients

If you’re a higher-flying, jet-setting, thousand dollar suit-wearing businessman, you will recognize just how essential a excellent office is. In the thousands you have wandered into, few have the ability to inspire passion – in fact many are a… by… 7 more words

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