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Upgrade Your Icons on Ubuntu

You may have installed new applications however those new applications come with not so new icons. They may include ugly low res icons. Or you may have installed a beautiful icon theme like… 495 more words


Six Common Misunderstandings About the Value of HIT

We have all heard the musings of IT professionals about how health information technology (HIT) is the reason for all things good, or how they have built the most elegant system and users will flock to it.  878 more words


Can the Masstige Rule the World?

As luxury seekers become more modest and one-size-fits-all products become less popular, discretionary bargain hunters rise in power. 

As the global economy bumps along the road to recovery and as the middle class of emerging markets, particularly in China, grow in affluence and size, there is fast-growing demand for “middle-market” luxury, something below traditional luxury but above “mass market”. 572 more words

Trends To Watch

Don't Forget that CADWorx P&ID Cfm.shx file

This issue comes up rather often when dealing with projects that use CADWorx. Some users use CADWorx and other people in the same project don’t. Perhaps they want to simply open a P&ID drawing (or other drawing that uses this file for linetypes) with just “vanilla” AutoCAD and upon opening the drawing they are greeted with the ever-annoying prompt that says: … 187 more words


Under Steve's watch: Fewer customizations

This is the final post of a three part series on why the Apple Watch revealed earlier this week wouldn’t have been the one Steve Jobs made. 421 more words


Temporarily adjust the Customization Wizard missing from Web Client

It was brought up on the forums earlier this year and I have confirmed that this is an issue in Vsphere 5.5 U1.  There is an option in the C# thick client when trying to deploy a VM where you can select the a Customization Spec and then choose to temporarily adjust before deployment.  101 more words


Custom Fit T-Shirts

One of my favorite T-shirts has been getting pretty baggy with continuous wear.

It got to the point where I was going to donate it and buy a new one. 95 more words