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Letters Edged in Black

Late last year Matt and I were visiting our mutual cousin in Australind when she made mention of ‘letters edged in black’. Being of a different generation and never having heard it spoken before, we both looked at her blankly. 1,083 more words


Sending parcels

When you live so far away from your family and friends you miss a lot of the important dates such as birthdays, Christmas, etc. Of course, you can call them, organise Skype sessions, text and email but you will most likely want to send a parcel per post with gifts, Australian delicacies (such as Tim Tam!), etc. 222 more words

Useful Information

Is death the last big taboo?

Is death the last big taboo? In modern society, it seems we are losing our ability to deal with bereavement. Perhaps we can take some tips from our rural neighbours.  622 more words

Creative Writing

The Third Twin by C.J. Omololu

Before readers meet the identical twins, Alexa, aka Lexi, and Ava, the book opens with what could be one of a girl’s worst nightmares.  We then learn the back story of Alicia, the third sister that the girls made up when they were little. 123 more words


Definitely Not Neurotypical

Things are looking up again. The cold is slowly receding, and the engagement is over! Phew! The engagement story is for another day. To summarize it in a line, well, it was awkward. 393 more words

Respect for the culture and customs of others, even when we detest them

Some Western commentators have applauded the American First Lady’s decision to possibly cause offence to her Saudi hosts by leaving her hair uncovered. as a “deliberate snub” this action may well have delivered a political message about equal rights for women, but how could this gesture achieve anything with the ultra-conservative Saudis than to cause offence – they are unlikely to be prompted to change their customs as a result, so what has been achieved? 253 more words

Politics & Campaigning

Circus, Animal or Human?

At the time, I was an instructional design analyst.  Most people (apart from my ex workmates and a woman I met at a Christmas party (she was one too)) wouldn’t know what that is. 126 more words