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Ignat, the holiday of the pigs

Hello, everyone! <3

This is a new episode about Romanian culture and here I am going to talk about a holiday before Christmas which is specific to us Romanians. 806 more words


Các kết hợp xấu âm sắc hai nhạc cụ

Các nhạc cụ cùng một họ (chẳng hạn họ oboe, họ fagotte) thì cấu tạo giống nhau nhưng tông khác nhau thì âm sắc khác nhau. 952 more words


Tên tiếng Việt chuẩn của các nhạc cụ giao hưởng

  • Bộ kèn gỗ:

    • Flûte traversière (tiếng Pháp), Transverse flute (tiếng Anh), Flauto traverso (tiếng Ý), Querflöte (tiếng Đức): Sáo ngang (tiếng Việt). Riêng piccolo được gọi là sáo nhỏ.
  • 827 more words

New Year's Celebrations around the World

One of my female cousins lived right across the street from my grandmother and the two were very close, but on January 1 my grandmother never let her great-niece visit until a male relative had come in the house first. 180 more words

Jennifer Lebedev

The Ghost of "Last Christmas" - 30 Years, 1 Song

Temperature outside: 7 degrees. Raining 4 days in a row, killed all my Christmas feeling…

There is a ghost wandering through Germany every year in december. 357 more words


I wish there was an international (or even universal! Hello, Galactic Police.) institution where you could complain to when your country is getting unbearably corrupt and just generally awful in creating laws.

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Help! I want to go online shopping!!

So, I have very few regrets relocating back to Manila after an 8-year stint working in Singapore, and right now, this is probably the only one I can think of. 432 more words