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Look beyond your peers when comparing #custserv levels

As the work of a customer service team has become more transparent and visible, the importance of their work has become more obviously valued. Now that the customer service team is so clearly the link between most brand names and their customers, these interactions and relationships are becoming increasingly strategic to executives who want to offer great service and create good relationships. 216 more words

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Come perdere un cliente in 10 giorni

NOTA AICEX: la maggior parte delle aziende stanno, consciamente o meno, sabotando le loro relazioni con i clienti. Questi ultimi sono esacerbati e stanchi di sopportare e vogliono essere certi che i loro amici sappiano tutto. 868 more words

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Every member of the team should be focused on customer service

The Internet is filled with fantastic customer service stories. Many of them are genuine examples of a customer service team going far beyond their normal duties to look after a customer. 363 more words

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“Five Keys to Owning Your Time & Gaining More Referrals”

As a title professional referrals are critical to your success, it’s important that you spend the appropriate amount of time gaining referrals.  This is owning your time, doing the things that bring you closer to your goals. 1,088 more words

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How finely-tuned is your customer service?

We have all seen the customer service revolution that has empowered the customer with new ways to dictate the way they choose to communicate with the organisations they are patrons of but some industries have embraced the revolution whilst others have either fought against it or simply struggled to keep pace. 450 more words

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Could increased inefficiency be good for your customers?

Forbes is the kind of business journal where a focus on efficiency is treated as so obvious that nobody needs to think that there might be an alternative strategy, so it was interesting to read… 313 more words

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“Own Your Time with These Three Tips”

You must adapt the mindset that you own your time. It’s yours to control, to protect, and to nurture. If you don’t take ownership of your time, someone else will—you’ve heard that before and it’s true. 1,056 more words

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