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Catalogue for Paper Dolls, Item 16

Outfit for a lazy Monday. Oversized chambray shirt, black denim, ballet flats. Black ribbon for a bun and a clutch because today is too lazy for even a strap.


Case for the Bird

The bird light is slowly taking form. Yesterday I spent a bit of time with power tools and scrap pieces of lumber. The case is now 8″x 8″x 5.5″. 112 more words


Second Bird

I never quite know how to arrange my days right now. Do I spend it at home or head to Eugene? Part of me feels guilty for not going down. 147 more words


Paper Bird

Hurrah! I finally cut something new!!! The design is for an 8″x 8″ lighted piece. This is the first attempt executing the concept from drawings to cutting. 133 more words


Surface Project 1. Concept Draft

I’m still not satisfied with this design. Nevertheless, I need to start somewhere and time is a luxury. Besides, it is much better than my very first one, when the research was still rudimentary. 11 more words


Surface Project 1. Confronting the lack of inspiration

“Inspiration is for amateurs” is a saying that I have come across many times. It is also a motto that I hold dear in my heart. 53 more words