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Dying Light's cut epilogue found.

So I was looking in-game files for stuff and to make mods and I found this stuff relating to the end of the game, a epilogue. 610 more words


The Tongue

Powerful are the tongue’s concoctions:
Words which can poison a mind
And wound a heart
Deeper than any blade can cut
Or any eye hope to see.


Look Out For The Shore

As I write each sentence
As I spell out each word
As I ponder over the next,
I feel nothing.
Not a single thread of emotion… 65 more words


When I look into the mirror.

I see a broken girl.
A young girl who shouldn’t be this broken at her age.
I see a girl who should be living life to the fullest, not caring what others think, and so much more. 167 more words


Dan Fatel

Guitarist Dan Fatal has paid his dues. Name a music venue in the capital? Dan’s gigged it. Previous bands include The Fatels and No Picasso and for a time he played guitar for Punk visionaries… 768 more words

January 2015

Teaching the skills: Mix, stir and cut food

One step on the way to becoming a master chef goes by watching other masters do the cooking and helping them in the kitchen. Since there is only one master chef in this house and I’m talking about my wife, I suppose she will make our kids perfect chefs. 259 more words