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Right now I should be studying for my exam on Friday, but I’m sick. It’s like someone stuffed my sinuses with 10 tons of snot, which is making it very hard to think about statistics… 561 more words

A Predictable Prince is still a Page-Turning Prince...

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

I can’t believe that this is THE FIRST book I’ve read from my TBR pile for this challenge. I was excluding all the new books I got around Christmas and New Year time because the whole point was to read the older books on my pile….and it’s taken this long to get round to them. 707 more words

Jack and Jack blog 6

Jack Johnson (right) and Jack Gilinski (left)are best friends that made a vine account and currently have 2.2 million followers on vine ad are still growing. 238 more words

Swear to shake, if you swear to listen!

Hello again. I know its unusual for me to post twice in a week, but I’m inspired! I have been listening to Panic! At The Disco recently, well i mean I’ve always listened to them, but now I’m listening to them even more. 194 more words

The Photographer


A mutual friend introduced me to C at the end of the year. We chatted a bit via email and decided to meet at the top of the year. 252 more words