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My New Year Resolution On How To Cope Being The " Little" Lady

So I’m about to turn 20 in two months, and at the beginning of this year I got a depression wondering how I’d cope with the little girl comments I can’t seem to get used to. 1,128 more words


Beach Bunny

PhotoPro Expo – Cincinnati, Ohio – 2015


What happened last night?

I burnt my finger on a hot light bulb – I had unscrewed it to do some mood lighting, dancing lighting, and it fell out, luckely onto the back of my legs (I was kneeling on a stool to reach the other bulb) It was actually really cute, the way it fell right onto my legs, I saved it from being broken, just by being there :) Though i also unscrewed it.


No real explanation behind this other than people are fun and willing to do silly things for the enjoyment of others and thats kind of what its all about.



In shining dress a blue butterfly,
Wearing modern dress a new butterfly,
Charming,glamorous and gorgeous
All of them is inside you butterfly