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This cute kid makes a case for vegetarianism

This cute French kiddo really wrenches at your heart with his innocent questions. Young children have an undeniable compassion and commitment to caring for animals and people. 167 more words

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CRACKING ME UP: Son Protests Mom's Pregnancy News

“What do you mean you’re having another baby?” Sometimes older children in the clan express this question upon the news that their parents are expecting a new bundle of joy. 52 more words


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I enjoy connecting with kids I haven’t met before. It makes me fall in love with what I do in a completely new way. 


I'm not naturally a morning person, but...

Sometimes the best things happen in the morning.

Like a big brother deciding to help a little brother eat his breakfast.

I’m so glad I noticed this and got it on camera. 36 more words

Brotherly Love

LOL: 2 Yr Old Drops 'F' Bomb During Ice Bucket Challenge

Nothing like a little kid swearing to make adults laugh. Though, I would die if it was my own kid. Watch it HERE or below.



NAT PACKAGE: In news we refer to stories without a reporter presence a natural sound package . In order to produce a story like this it’s vital to “harvest” as much natural sound as possible from the event you’re covering. 48 more words